Indiana University Bloomington

Information for Current Students: Learning and Teaching Resources

The University Graduate School: While we try to provide some key resources here, the Graduate School provides specifics for your time as a graduate student at Indiana University, from campus services to course completion.

OnCourse: This is your online gateway to the classroom. Whether you are taking classes or teaching classes, Oncourse provides a variety of resources you can use and tailor for each class. Check out AGSA OneStart site for additional resources and information.

IU Libraries: IU has one of the best library systems in the country. There are resources specifically for anthropology students, as well as courses and information about conducting research.

UITS: University Information and Technology Services is the place to go to set up and check on all computing accounts, like email and printing services. They also provide information, resources, and training for countless IT topics.

CITL: The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning provides services and resources to help with all teaching endeavours, from specific help for Associate Instructors to putting together your teaching portfolio. In addition, IU has many centers and programs that can provide specific resources for topics, like the Center for the Study of Global Change, and techniques, like the Classroom Technology Services.