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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

M.A. Theses and Ph.D. Dissertations: 2010-present


M.A. Sarah Brooke Cluff
Participatory Development in the Gambia: The Struggle for Local Control and Ownership of the Development Process (Clark)
M.A. Anna Lise Sullivan
Mound F Historic Cemetery: Angel Mounds State Historic Site, Vanderburgh County, Indiana (Peebles)
M.A. Laura Linderman
The Gendered Feast: Experiencing a Georgian Supra (Phillips)
M.A. Abigail Rich
Capturing the Fleeting Moment: Preserving the Paul Taylor Dance Company's Repertoire Through Student Reconstructions (Royce)
Ph.D. Ryan Thomas Adams
Elite Landowners in Santarem: Ranchers, Gauchos and the Arrival of Soybeans in the Amazon (Wilk)
Ph.D. Lauren Miller Griffith
Capoeira Pilgrims: Negotiating Legitimacy in a Foreign Field (Royce)
Ph.D. Pearl Chan
Chinese-Canadian Community Organizing and the Pursuit of Multiculturalism, Unity, and Diversity (Royce)
Ph.D. William Eastwood
Georgian Baptists: Church Reform, Orthodox Christianity, and National Belonging (Stoeltje)
Ph.D. Pauline Siegel
The Practice of Citizenship: Public Participation and the Controversy Over New Interstate Highway 69 (Stoeltje)
Ph.D. Abby L. Drwecki
Dangerous Women: Self-Defense, Gender and Individuation in Post-Socialist Poland (Phillips)
Ph.D. Melanie Everett
The Paleoecology of the Pleistocene Upper Busidima Formation, Gona, Afar Depression, Ethiopia (Schick)
Ph.D. Kathryn V. Boswell
Migration, War, and Repatriation from Cote D'Ivoire to Burkina Faso, West Africa (Clark)


Ph.D. Staffan Peterson
Townscape Archaeology at Angel Mounds, Indiana: Mississippian Spatiality and Community (Pyburn and Cook)
Ph.D. Sean P. Dougherty
Broken Bones, Broken Lives: Injury-Related Morbidity and Mortality in a Turn of the Century Pauper Cemetery (Cook)
Ph.D. Persephone Hintlian
Paradise Ph(F)antasies: A Phenomenological Exploration of Touristic Heterotopia on Roatan, Honduras (Girshick)
Ph.D. Ellen Salter-Pedersen
Rinconada Alta: Biological Anthropology of the Inca Imperialism in the Rimac Valley, Peru (Cook)
Ph.D. Polly Husmann
Osteoporosis Prevalence during the Transition to Agriculture: the Schild and Pete Klunk Mound Groups (Cook)
Ph.D. Noemic Waldhubel Noemie
Learning Culture in An Urban Tribe: An Indian School in Milwaukee (DeMallie)
Ph.D. Jessica Chelekis
Direct Sales in the Amazon: Gender, Work, and Consumption in Ponta de Pedras, Para, Brazil (Wilk)
Ph.D. Emma Bate
Analysis of Artifacts from the Long Bay Site, San Salvador Island, The Bahamas (Conrad)
Ph.D. Charla Marshall
An Ancient DNA Perspective on Angel Mounds (12-VG-1): A Mississippian Archaeological Site (Kaestle)
Ph.D. Zarko Tankosic
Southern Euboea-Northern Cyclades: An Integrated Analysis of Final Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Interactions (Conrad)
M.A. Catherine Bishop
African Occasional Testiles (Kahn, Akou, Buggenhagen)
Ph.D. Wendell Schwab
Islam in Print: The Diversity of Islamic Literature and Interpretation in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan (Shahrani)


Ph.D. Kelly Hogue
"We Are All Related": Kinship, Identity, and Pilgrimage in the Kateri Movement (Royce & Sterling)
Ph.D. Caroline Subino Sullivan
Dancing Connections: The Practice of Guinean Dance and drum in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico (Royce)
Ph.D. August Costa
A Pleistocene Passage to India: The Paleoanthropology of Early Human Settlement in Costal Western India (Sept)
Ph.D. Evelyn Dean-Olmsted
Speaking Shami: Syrian Jewish Mexican Language Practices as Strategies of Integration and Legitimation (Suslak)
Ph.D. Lydia N. Garver
The German American Consumer: Ethnicity, Opportunity, and Community in Colonial America (Pyburn)
Ph.D. Maria Roditis
An Anthropological Exploration of Childhood Obesity in Greece (Jamison)
Ph.D. Rodrigo Penne Firme Pedrosa
Nature Conservation, Ethnic Identity, and Poverty: The Case of a Quilombola Community in SÃo Paulo, Brazil (Brondizio)
Ph.D. Alicia Beth Ebbitt McGill
AAL A WI DA WAN?: Cultural Education, Heritage, and Citizenship in the Belizean State (Pyburn)
Ph.D. Laurah B Turner
Diet, Physical Activity and Breast Cancer Risk:  An Integrative Science Cross-Populational Approach (Muehlenbein)
Ph.D. Suncem Kocer
Media, Performance, and Transpolitics:  Kurdish Culture Production in Turkey (Stoeltje & Goodman)