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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields


Bioanthropology examines the adaptation, variation, and evolutionary history of humans and their relatives, living and extinct. Bioanthropology research includes and combines aspects of biological science, with social science as human biology and other aspects of the discipline are studied in the context of human culture and behavior.

Our faculty's interests include the relationship between biology, culture, subsistence and health, human growth and development, evolutionary theory, skeletal biology, paleopathology, molecular anthropology and ancient DNA, and comparative paleoanthropological research with both fossil hominoids and living chimpanzees.

Only courses listed in the Graduate Bulletin carry graduate credit. All courses which carry graduate credit are listed in the Graduate Bulletin. Please notice that some Anthropology courses with numbers in the 300's or 400's carry graduate credit. Bioanthropology courses start with a "B".