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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Complete Graduate COurse List

A303 Evolution and Prehistory
A403 Introduction to Museum Studies
A405 Museum Methods
A406 Field Work In Anthropology
A408 Museum Practicum
A495 Individual Readings in Anthropology
A505 Fields of Anthropology: A Graduate Survey
A506 Anthropological Statistics
A521 Internship in Teaching Anthropology
A525 Community Based Research I
A526 Community Based Participatory Research Methods 2
A600 Seminar in Anthropology
A667 Topics in Medical Anthropology
A800 Research
B301 Laboratory in Bioanthropology
B370 Human Variation
B405 Field Work in Bioanthropology
B464 Human Paleontology
B466 The Primates
B472 Bioanthropology of Aboriginal America
B480 Human Growth and Development
B500 Pro-Seminar in Bioanthropology
B512 Evolutionary Medicine
B521 Bioanthropology Research Methods
B522 Laboratory Methods in Bioanthropology
B523 Anthropometry
B524 Theory and Method in Human Paleontology
B525 Genetic Methods in Anthropology
B526 Human Osteology
B527 Human Evolutionary Biology Laboratory
B528 Dental Anthropology
B540 Hormones and Human Behavior
B544 The Biology and Anthropology of Women's Bodies
B545 Nutritional Anthropology
B548 Human Demography and Life History
B550 Issues in Human Origins: Creation and Evolution
B568 The Evolution of Primate Social Behavior
B570 Human Adaptation: Biological Approaches
B600 Seminar in Bioanthropology
B601 Primate Anatomy
B602 Paleopathology
B645 Biocultural Medical Anthropology
E303 Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
E305 Introduction to Ethnomusicology
E310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa
E311 The Ethnography of Eastern Africa
E320 Indians of North America
E321 Peoples of Mexico
E322 Peoples of Brazil
E325 North American Indian Music
E329 Indians in the United States in the Twentieth Century
E330 Indians of South America
E332 Jewish Women: Anthropological Perspectives
E334 Jews in Moslem Society
E340 Indians of Mexico and Central America
E370 Peasant Society and Culture
E371 Modern Jewish Culture and Society
E372 Racism, Anthropology of Prejudice
E375 Mental Illness in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
E380 Urban Anthropology
E404 Field Methods in Ethnography
E405 Principles of Social Organization
E406 Anthropological and Documentary Film
E407 Visual Anthropology: Filmmaking
E420 Economic Anthropology
E425 Ethnozoology: Studies in American Indian Subsistence
E427 Human Adaptation: Cultural Approaches
E430 Kinship Organization
E440 Political Anthropology
E450 Folk Religions
E451 Myth and Legend: Cultural Meanings and Interpretations
E453 Revitalization Movements
E455 Anthropology of Religion
E457 Ethnic Identity
E460 The Arts in Anthropology
E462 Anthropological Folklore
E463 Anthropology of Dance
E465 Medical Anthropology
E470 Psychological Anthropology
E480 Theory of Culture Change
E500 Pro-Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology
E505 Social Organization and Process
E510 Problems in African Ethnography and Ethnology
E511 Ethnography of the Congo
E520 Problems in Economic Anthropology
E523 Life Histories
E525 Comparative Ethnology of North America
E527 Environmental Anthropology
E593 World Fiction and Cultural Anthropology
E600 Seminar in Cultural and Social Anthropology
E601 Basics of Human Sexuality
E602 Levi-Strauss: Structuralism in Anthropology
E603 Modernities: Time, Space, Identity of the Historical Present
E606 Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology
E608 Thesis Proposal Preparation
E610 Seminar in Households, Family, and Gender
E612 Anthropology of Russia and East Europe
E614 Post-Socialist Gender Formations
E616 The Anthropology of Tourism
E617 African Women
E618 Global Consumer Culture
E619 American Indian Religion
E620 Seminar in Cultural Ecology
E621 Food and Culture
E622 Empirical Theory and Methodology: International Forest Resources and Institutions
E624 Native American Art
E626 Coffee Culture, Production, and Markets
E628 Contemporary Latin American Social Movements
E635 French Social Thought: Anthropological Perspectives
E641 Law as Cultural Practice in the United States
E644 People and Protected Areas: Theories and Realities of Conservation
E645 Seminar in Medical Anthropology
E648 Power, Subjectivity, and the State
E649 Culture, Power, History
E650 African Systems of Thought
E656 The Anthropology of Race
E660 Arts in Anthropology Seminar
E661 Seminar in Ethnomusicology I
E662 Seminar in Ethnomusicology II
E663 Exhibiting Cultures: Museums, Exhibitions, and World's Fairs
E664 Body, Power, and Performance
E670 Seminar in Culture and Personality
E673 Feminist Studies and Ethnographic Practice
E674 The Anthropology of Human Rights
E675 Law and Culture
E677 Performing Nationalism
E678 Ritual, Festival, and Public Culture
E680 Seminar in Culture Change
E681 Seminar in Urban Anthropology
E682 Memory and Culture
E687 The Ethnography of Europe
E690 Development and Anthropology
E692 The United States
G731 Seminar on Contemporary Africa
H500 History of Anthropological Thought in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
H501 Contemporary Problems and Issues in Ethnological Theory
H505 History of Social Anthropology
H506 Modern Development in Social Anthropology
L500 Pro-Seminar in Language and Culture
L501 Anthropological Linguistics I
L502 Anthropological Linguistics II
L507 Language and Prehistory
L510 Elementary Lakota (Sioux) Language I
L511 Elementary Lakota (Sioux) Language II
L512 Intermediate Lakota (Sioux) Language I
L513 Intermediate Lakota (Sioux) Language II
L518 Navajo Language and Culture
L520 American Indian Languages
L580 Semiotics and Human Ethnology
L600 Topical Seminar in the Ethnography of Communication
L605 Field Methods in Anthropological Linguistics I
L606 Field Methods in Anthropological Linguistics II
L840 Ethnolinguistic Seminar
P301 Archaeological Methods and Analyses
P310 Prehistory of Europe and Asia
P314 Early Prehistory of Africa
P315 Late Prehistory of Africa
P360 North American Archaeology
P361 Prehistory of Midwestern United States
P365 Prehistory of Western North America
P370 Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
P371 Prehistory of Lowland South America
P380 Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition
P405 Field Work in Archaeology
P425 Zooarchaeology I: Faunal Osteology
P426 Zooarchaeology II: Problems in Zooarchaeology
P500 Pro-Seminar in Archaeology
P502 Archaeological Research Design
P505 History of Theory in Archaeology
P506 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
P507 Archaeological Curation
P509 Archaeological Ethics
P541 Archaeology of the Middle East
P545 Indigenous Archaeology
P575 Food in the Ancient World
P600 Seminar in Prehistoric Archaeology
P601 Research Methods in Archaeology
P604 Seminar in Archaeology and Social Context
P645 Pots and People
P663 North American Prehistory through Fiction
P666 Women in Civilization