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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Degrees & Requirements


The Department of Anthropology offers training in all four anthropological subfields: archaeology, bioanthropology, linguistic anthropology, and social/cultural anthropology. Students elect one of these fields, and may take courses and/or pursue an inside minor in any of the other fields. Students may also select one of four concentrations in addition to their chosen subfield: Archaeology and Social Context (p23), Food Studies, Medical Anthropology, and Paleoanthropology (p25). Each of these concentrations is supplemental to the field. All four fields have the following requirements in common.


Students in other departments may minor in anthropology by completing at least 12 credit hours of course work in anthropol­ogy. No more than 6 credit hours will be accepted by transfer of graduate credit from another university. Each minor student is assigned a faculty advisor to help in the selection of a set of courses that best contributes to the research goals of the student.

PH.D. Minor in Anthropology of Food

Students must take four courses (3 credits each) one of which must be the core course, ANTH E621 Food and Culture. The additional graduate courses in anthropology must be chosen from at least two different fields of the discipline (archaeol­ogy, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology).

Master of Arts

In most circumstances it is recommended that students contemplating a professional career in academic Anthropology work toward a doctorate. The M.A. degree is not required prior to the Ph.D., but can be especially useful in tandem with an advanced degree in another field, e.g., the JD, MPH, or the MBA. See requirements here.