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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Anne Murcott, PhD

Main publications

In preparation Food Waste (editor with David Evans and Hugh Campbell) ‘The
            Sociological Review Monograph’ Keele: The Sociological Review

In preparation Handbook of Food Research (editor with Warren Belasco and Peter
            Jackson) London: Berg

 (2006) Sociology and Medicine: Selected Essays by P.M. Strong (editor)
            Aldershot: Gower

 (2001) Developments in Sociology (editor with Robert G. Burgess) London: Pearson

 (1998) “The Nation’s Diet”: the Social Science of Food Choice (editor) London: Longman 

 (1992) The Sociology of Food: Diet, Eating and Culture (with Stephen Mennell & Anneke van Otterloo)  London: Sage 

            Croatian translation
            (1999) Prehrana i kultura: Sociologija hrane (with Stephen Mennell & Anneke
            van Otterloo) Zagreb: Nklada Jesenski I Turk  pp 1-159 

(1983) The Sociology of Food and Eating (editor) Aldershot, Hants: Gower
            (1985) issued in paperback

(1979) Prospects for the National Health (editor with Paul Atkinson & Robert Dingwall) London: Croom Helm

(1975) Power, Persistence and Change: a second study of Banbury (with Margaret Stacey, Eric Batstone & Colin Bell) London: Routledge & Kegan Paul

Selected Articles in Refereed journals, Chapters in Edited Collections since 1999 only
(forthcoming) ‘Lamenting the ‘decline of the family meal’ as a moral panic?:
            methodological reflections’ special issue on Moral Panics (ed Jean Michel Chaumont)
            Recherches sociologiques et anthropologiques

(2011) ‘The BSA and the emergence of a “Sociology of Food”: a personal view’
            SociologicalResearchOnline 16(3)14

(2011) ‘Kosher’ in New York City, halal in Aquitaine: challenging the relationship
            between neoliberalism and food auditing’ Agriculture & Human Values 27: 67-79
            (published online 30 September 2010) (with Hugh Campbell, and Angela McKenzie)

 (2010) ‘Autopsie, coroners et diffusion publique.  L’enregistrement des morts en
            Angleterre.’ in Vassy, Carine,. Keller, Richard C,. and Dingwall, Robert (eds)
            Enregistrer les morts, identifier les surmortalitiés: une comparaison Angleterre,
            États-Unis et France Rennes: Presses de l’EHESP (with Nick Wright)

 (2007) ‘Comment analyser l’absence d’anticipation des risques ? Le cas de la
            canicule 2003 en France’ Sociologie et Sociétés, XXXIX (1) 161-79 (with
            Vassy C., Dingwall R.)
 (2004) ‘Teoria agro-alimentare e sociologia dell’alimentazione’ Rassegna Italiana di
            Sociologia XLV (4) 571-602 (with Hugh Campbell)

(2004)  ‘Epilogue: On the Legacy of The Politics of Food’ in Lien, Marianne
            Elisabeth & Nerlich, Brigitte (eds) The Politics of Food Oxford: Berg

(2003) ‘Food and Culture’ in Belton, Peter S and Belton Teresa (eds)
            Food, Science and Society: exploring the gap between expert advice and
            individual behaviour Springer Verlag on behalf of the Rainer Wild Stiftung

(2002) ‘Shouldering the burden: health work in the locality: the case of funeral
            directing’ in Bendelow, Gillian; Carpenter, Mick; Vautier, Caroline and Williams,
            Simon (eds) Gender, Health and Healing: the public/private divide London:

(2002) ‘Using, choosing, consuming? gender and nutritional behaviours’
            in Wamala, Sarah and Lynch, John (eds) Gender and social inequalities in health
            – a public health issue Lund: Studentlitterature

(2002) ‘Nutrition and inequalities: a note on sociological approaches’
            European Journal of Public Health 12(3) 203-7

(2001) ‘Breakfast time and “Breakfast Time”: television, food and the household
            organisation of consumption’  (with Roger Dickinson, Jane Eldridge and Simon
            Leader) TV and New Media 2(3) 235-56

(2001) ‘Public beliefs about GM foods: more on the makings of a considered
            sociology’ Medical Anthropology Quarterly March 15(1): 1-11.

(2001)  ‘Sociology and health: creating the agenda’ in Robert G. Burgess and Anne Murcott (eds) Developments in Sociology: where are we now? London: Pearson

(2000) ‘Is it still a pleasure to cook for him? social changes in the household and
            the family’ Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics 24, June 78-84

(2000)  ‘Understanding Lifestyle and Food Use: Contributions from the Social
            Sciences’ in Health and the food chain  David I Thurnham & Terence Roberts
            (eds) London: Royal Society of Medicine Press Ltd (British Medical Bulletin 
            56(1) 121-132)
(2000) ‘Adolescents’ dietary habits and attitudes: unpacking the “problem of (parental)         influence”’  (with Jane Eldridge)  health: 4(1) 25-49

(1999)  ‘“Not science but PR”: GM food and the makings of a considered
            sociology’ Sociological ResearchOnline 4(3) September
(1999) ‘Scarcity in Abundance: food and non-food’ Social Research: an
            international quarterly of the social sciences 66(1) (Winter 1998) 305-339
            ISSN 0037-783X

(1999) ‘“The Nation’s Diet” and the policy contexts’ in John Germov & Lauren Williams (eds) The Social Appetite: An Introduction to the Sociology of Food & Nutrition Sydney: Oxford University Press ISBN

Shorter articles, conference proceedings etc since 1999 only
(forthcoming) ‘Models of food and eating in the United Kingdom’ in Poulain,
            Jean-Pierre (ed) Dictionnaire des cultures alimentaires Presses Universitaires de

(2011) ‘Family Meal’ in Southerton, Dale (ed) Encyclopedia of Consumer
            Culture New York: Sage

(2008) ‘Food’. in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences Darity, William
            A. Jr. (ed) Vol. 3. 2nd ed.  Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA. pp162-164.

(2006) Preface Sociology and Medicine: Selected Essays by P.M. Strong (editor)
            Aldershot: Gower

            Open University, Milton Keynes, UK