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To successfully submit any proposal, you, the Anthropology Office Manager, and the Office of Research Administration (ORA) all must work together very closely.  Complying with internal deadlines is critical.  Be sure to check your email regularly and keep in touch with the Office Manager, Eric Welch. 

Remember Eric is here to help with all administrative aspects of your application.  If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance putting together a budget, do not hesitate to contact him.  He can also assist with online applications systems, complete administrative forms including the cover page, and provide information about the proposal review and submission process. 

Following is a step-by-step outline of how to apply to external agencies. 

Two weeks prior to the IU deadline:  Become familiar with proposal guidelines and application materials. 

Your budget and justification must be approved by ORA before being routed for administrative approvals, and routing must be complete before your application can be submitted.  Therefore, complete your budget and justification first, before any of the rest of the proposal. 

Required to be submitted to Kerry no later than 4pm on IU deadline date:  

  1. Budget (in Excel, with formulas)
  2. Budget justification
  3. The name of your advisor who will serve as PI
  4. The title of the project (a working title is fine—it can be changed later)
  5. The project start and end dates
  6. A list of agencies to which you have submitted or plan to submit the proposal (if any)
  7. IRB / IACUC status including date submitted, approval number, etc.  (Note: “Pending” means you have submitted your study for review but is has not yet been approved—
    not that you are planning to submit it soon.)
  8. A phone number where you can be reached anytime. 

Required for online applications no later than 4pm on IU deadline date:

  1. Upload all application materials except bibliography, project description, budget and justification.  This includes the Project Summary, Data Management Plan, institutional information, etc.
  2. The Cover Page must be completed. 
  3. ORA must have your application username and password to review the proposal. 

Required no later than 4pm three business days before the agency deadline:

  1. Upload the final, agency-ready project description and bibliography. 
  2. Verify that the entire application is complete and ready to submit. 

Submission information:

  1. Depending on the agency, ORA, the applicant, or the advisor may be required to submit.  No proposal should be submitted until ORA approves and releases it. 
  2. The proposal must have fully routed. 
  3. Applicants are responsible for mailing any paper copies requested by the agency.