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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Complete Undergraduate Course List

Water in E200 A420 Teaching Practicum
A105 Human Origins and Prehistory
A150 Freshman Seminar in Anthropology: Topics
A200 Topics in Anthropology of Culture and Society
A205 Anthropology Today: Selected Topics in Current Research
A208 Topics in Anthropology of the Arts & Expressive Behavior
A211 Anthropology Topics in the Natural and Mathematical Sciences
A221 Anthropology of Food
A303 Evolution and Prehistory
A306 Anthropological Statistics
A399 Honors Tutorial
A400 Undergraduate Seminar in Anthropology
A403 Introduction to Museum Studies
A405 Museum Methods
A406 Fieldwork in Anthropology
A408 Museum Practicum
A410 Anthropology Capstone Seminar
A420 Undergraduate Teaching Internship
A445 Pots and People
A495 Individual Readings in Anthropology
A496 Field Study in Anthropology
B200 Bioanthropology
B260 Biocultural Medical Anthropology
B301 Laboratory in Bioanthropology
B310 Bioanthropology: A History of Ideas
B312 Evolutionary Medicine
B340 Hormones and Human Behavior
B350 Issues in Human Origins: Creation and Evolution
B368 The Evolution of Primate Social Behavior
B370 Human Variation
B400 Undergraduate Seminar
B405 Fieldwork in Bioanthropology
B464 Human Paleontotology
B466 The Primates
B470 Human Adaptation: Biological Approaches
B472 Bioanthropology of Aboriginal America
B480 Human Growth and Development
E101 Ecology and Society
E102 Anthropology of America
E105 Culture and Society
E110 Indians of Mexico: Ancient and Modern
E200 Social and Cultural Anthropology
E205 Peoples of the World
E206 Chanting Down Babylon: Protest and Popular Culture in the Afro-Caribbean
E208 Global Jazz, Reggae, and Hip-Hop: African Diasporic Music Beyond the African Diaspora
E210 Rethinking Race Globally
E212 The Anthropology of Youth and Adolescence
E230 American Ethnic Diversity
E240 Southwestern American Indian Ritual and Belief
E251 Post-Taliban Afghanistan and the War on Terror
E260 Culture, Health, and Illness
E275 Indigenous Worldviews
E300 Culture Areas and Ethnic Groups
E302 Laboratory in Ethnography
E303 Introduction to Social & Cultural Anthropology
E306 Hasidic Culture and Oral Tradition
E307 Shamanism and Spirit Possession
E309 Problems in African Ethnography
E310 Introduction to the Cultures of Africa
E312 African Religions
E314 Voices of Women
E319 American Indian Religions
E320 Indians of North America
E321 Peoples of Mexico
E322 Peoples of Brazil
E323 Indians of Indiana
E324 Native American Art
E327 Native Amazonians and the Environment
E328 Ecological Anthropology
E329 Indians in the United States in the 20th Century
E330 Indians of South America
E332 Jewish Women: Anthropological Perspectives
E333 Peoples of the Andes
E335 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
E340 Indians of Mexico and Central America
E345 China through Anthropological Eyes
E347 The Anthropology of Contemporary Japan
E348 Peoples and Cultures of Russia, Ukraine, and Newly Independent States
E370 Peasant Society and Culture
E371 Modern Jewish Culture and Society
E372 Racism, Anthropology of Prejudice
E380 Urban Anthropology
E381 Ethnographic Analysis of Family, Work, and Power
E382 Memory and Culture
E385 Applied Anthropology
E387 The Ethnography of Europe
E392 Ethnography of the United States
E393 World Fiction and Cultural Anthropology
E394 Stories and Stereotypes: Discourses of Difference
E397 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
E398 Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia
E400 Undergraduate Seminar
E404 Field Methods in Ethnography
E405 Principles of Social Organization
E407 Visual Anthropology
E408 Talk, Tales and Television: Africa, Europe and the United States
E412 Anthropology of Russia and Eastern Europe
E416 Anthropology of Tourism
E417 African Women
E418 Globalization and Consumer Culture
E420 Economic Anthropology
E421 Food and Culture
E423 Life Histories
E425 Ethnozoology: Studies in American Indian Substinence
E426 Coffee Culture, Production and Markets
E427 Human Adaptation: Cultural Approaches
E428 Contemporary Latin American Social Movements
E430 Kinship Organization
E436 The Politics of Marriage
E440 Political Anthroplogy
E444 People and Protected Areas: Theories of Conservation
E445 Seminar in Medical Anthropology
E451 Myth and Legend: Cultural Meanings and Interpretations
E455 Anthropology of Religion
E456 Anthropology of Race
E457 Ethnic Identity
E460 The Arts of Anthropology
E462 Anthropological Folklore
E463 Anthropology of Dance
E464 Body, Power, and Performance
E474 The Anthropology of Human Rights
E475 Law and Culture
E480 Theory and Culture Change
E485 Art and Craft of Ethnography
E490 Development and Anthropology
L200 Language and Culture
L310 Elementary Lakota (Sioux) Language I
L311 Elementary Lakota (Sioux) Language II
L312 Intermediate Lakota (Sioux) Language I
L313 Intermediate Lakota (Sioux) Language II
L318 Navajo Language and Culture
L320 American Indian Languages
L330 Mesoamerican Languages: Structure, History, Social Context
L400 Topical Seminar in the Ethnography of Communication
L407 Language and Prehistory
P200 Introduction to Archaeology
P210 Life in the Stone Age
P215 The Archaeology of Sex
P220 The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
P230 Archaeology of the Ancient Maya
P240 Archaeology and the Movies
P250 Introductory World Archaeology
P301 Archaeological Methods and Analyses
P302 Invention and Technology
P310 Prehistory of Europe and Asia
P314 Earlier Prehistory of Africa
P315 Later Prehistory of Africa
P330 Historical Archaeology
P341 Archaeology of the Middle East
P345 Indigenous Archaeology
P350 Archaeology of Ancient Mexico
P360 North American Archaeology
P361 Prehistory of the Midwestern United States
P362 Prehistory of the Southeastern United States
P363 North American Prehistory through Fiction
P365 Archaeology of Western North America
P370 Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
P371 Prehistory of the Lowland South America
P375 Food in the Ancient World
P380 Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition
P385 Paleolithic Technology Laboratory
P390 Geoarchaeology and Taphonomy
P399 Undergraduate Seminar
P401 Cultural Resource Management
P405 Fieldwork in Archaeology
P406 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
P409 Archeological Ethics
P425 Faunal Osteology
P426 Problems in Zooarchaeology
P430 Archaeology of Violence and Conflict
P440 Archaeology of Space and Place

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