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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Professional Experiences

Don’t just sit in class—put your knowledge to work! Gain experience, and gain an edge for your career or graduate school. There are lots of opportunities to get experience in the field of Anthropology outside of traditional classroom settings. Our students regularly get credit for going on an archaeological dig, working in a museum, interning, or developing their own research projects in conjunction with a faculty member.

  • Field SchoolsThese courses are designed to allow students to travel and work with a faculty member to participate in field research off campus. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in archaeological digs, ethnographic research, and other anthropological areas. They are typically 6 credit hours. Different field schools are offered each summer. Recent ones have included:
    • Wyoming: “Exploring Social and Historical Landscapes of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem,” Dr. Laura Scheiber.
    • Illinois: “Discovering Cahokia’s Religion APP” Dr. Susan Alt
    • Mexico: “Anthropology Field Program in Oaxaca”
    • Belize
  • Mathers Museum of World Cultures - Students interested in pursuing museum-related careers or who would like experience working with museum administration, organization, design, acquisition, exhibits and educations programs can receive credit (A408) for practicum done in the Mathers Museum. Please contact Judith Kirk.
  • Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for students at the GBL. Whether you are interested in photography, archiving, website development, lithic or ceramic analysis, education, informatics, or other archaeological work, GBL staff can match you with a project at the lab. Contact the GBL Curator of Collections, Melody K. Pope at
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistants – Students can gain valuable teaching experience through serving as a teaching assistant. Especially for those considering a future in education or graduate school, this experience can be invaluable. Contact Dr. April Sievert at
  • Undergraduate volunteer opportunity in Bioanthropology
  • Research Assistants – Students with particular interests that align with a faculty member’s may be able to assist with research in a one-on-one environment. These may be paid or unpaid positions, and are exciting and valuable. You may contact a professor directly, or begin with advisor Rebecca Butorac.
  • Independent Studies - Students can design an independent research project in conjunction with a faculty member and receive credit for Individual Readings in Anthropology (A495). The research project must be developed with a faculty member with an agreed upon course of progress.
  • Fall 2014 Volunteer Opportunities
    Includes volunteer positions with the following places and projects:
    • Recording Artifacts from Chau Hiix, Belize
    • Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology (GBL)
    • William R. Adams Zooarchaeology Laboratory
    • Discovering Cahokia's Religion at the Emerald Mound Site
    • Archaeology in Nejapa and Tavela, Oaxaca, Mexico
    • Anthropological Center for Training and Research on Global Environmental Change