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One Discipline, Four Fields

Field Schools

Field SchoolIU Field School in Archaeology (X480)

Indiana University offers archaeological field school “Exploring Social and Historical Landscapes of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem” every summer. The base of operations is Red Canyon Ranch, Shoshone National Forest, and the Crow Reservation, which are located in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. A research focus on residential use of space and heritage management allows students to study domestic architecture at nomadic Crow and Shoshone archaeological sites and gain experience in map making, surveying, and excavation techniques. Admission is by application only.

Contact Laura Scheiber for more information.

Salerno Study Abroad 2018 (ANTH-A406)

An exploration of food globalization and tourism in an Italian coastal community.

  • Cooking classes
  • Marine Ecology trip
  • Vineyard, Orchard and Artisanal Food Explorations
  • Cultural Heritage Sites

Other IU-Sponsored Field Schools

Other summer field schools in archaeology are often offered.  Please consult the summer course offerings in other departments.