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Field Schools

Field SchoolIU Field School in Archaeology (P405)

Indiana University offers archaeological field school “Exploring Social and Historical Landscapes of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem” every summer. The base of operations is Red Canyon Ranch, Shoshone National Forest, and the Crow Reservation, which are located in northern Wyoming and southern Montana. A research focus on residential use of space and heritage management allows students to study domestic architecture at nomadic Crow and Shoshone archaeological sites and gain experience in map making, surveying, and excavation techniques. Admission is by application only.

Contact Laura Scheiber for more information.

Anthropology Field Program in Oaxaca, Mexico

This program will be offered again in 2015.

Solving the Mystery of Yankeetown Archaeology Field School in Indiana (P405)
"2014 Discovering Cahokias Religion APP"
June 2 to July 14
6 credits P405, Prof. Susan Alt

Join a team of archaeologists trying to solve an archaeological mystery! Excavations will be designed to discover how Yankeetown people organized their towns and built their houses. This field school is the beginning of a large scale project designed to better understand how interactions between different groups of people led to culture change, innovation, religious movements, and violent conflict.


Contact Susan Alt for more information.

Belize Ethnographic Field School in Food Anthropology

This program, sponsored by the Indiana University Department of Anthropology, is designed to meet the increasing demand for training in field methods in the study of food systems. The program will train students in anthropological field methods, introduce them to the ethnography of modern Belize and acquaint them with an intricate rural-urban food chain in the Stann Creek and Toledo districts of southern Belize.

The field school offers training in the rapidly developing interdisciplinary field of Food Studies, as well as a valuable experience of the rich cultural diversity of southern Belize, incorporating elements of both Latin American and the Caribbean. The training will also be relevant to understanding economic development and the environmental and social consequences of tourism.

This program is open to graduate students in an accredited MA or PhD Anthropology program or senior year anthropology undergraduates.

Dates: Program will not be offered in 2012 but may be offered in the future
Location: Southern Stann Creek District, Belize

Visit to apply.

Summer Archaeological Field School in Kyrgyzstan

Students from the US and Kyrgyzstan will live and work together on an archaeological project designed to develop scientific research skills and cross-cultural communication and understanding. In addition to actual mapping and excavation, students will get language exposure, a chance to meet Kyrgyz people from many walks of life, and tours of various cultural sites as well as hiking and outdoor recreation. Contact Anne Pyburn for more information.

Other IU-Sponsored Field Schools

Other summer field schools in archaeology are often offered.  Please consult the summer course offerings in other departments.