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Department of Anthropology College of Arts and Sciences
One Discipline, Four Fields

Resources for Undergraduates

Academic Resources

Academic Advisement Report (AAR)
This report is how students can see what remaining requirements are needed to graduate from Indiana University Bloomington. For details on how to read your AAR click on this link. You can also check your academic progress by doing the following:

  1. Log on to One.IU
  2. Search for “Academic Advisement Report”
  3. Select “Bloomington” for “Institution” and “AAR & Transcript” for “Report Type” using the drop down arrows
  4. Click the yellow “Process Request” button
  5. Once in the report, select “Expand All” to better see all the classes you have taken.

It is important for students to not only rely on their AAR but also to stay in contact with academic advisors in their major(s) and minor(s) to make sure they are on the right path towards graduation.

Schedule of Classes
This is where students can find information on classes for present, past, and future semesters. It is also recommended for students to look here before registering for future classes since updated information about course restrictions and what general education and CASE (College of Arts and Sciences Education) requirement(s) are fulfilled are listed under each course.

Intensive Writing and Other Special Courses
Students looking to register for Intensive Writing, Critical Approaches (formerly Topics), or 8 week classes can go this web page and find lists of what classes fulfill these requirements under individual semesters.

Calendars and Schedules
Students with questions about when final exams are, want to know when spring or fall break is, or curious about future semester schedules can find all their answers on this website on Indiana University Bloomington official calendars.

Enrollment Bulletin
The Enrollment Bulletin is a great resource for students with general questions about financial aid, campus resources, or registration.

College of Arts and Sciences Academic Bulletins
This Bulletin is extremely helpful for students to see the different types of majors in the College of Arts and Sciences as well as course descriptions for each department and what requirements each course fulfills. Appendices at the back address what courses in each department fulfill culture studies requirements, breadth of inquiry (distribution for students beginning their Indiana University study in Spring 2011 or earlier). To prepare for registration students can read course descriptions in the current Academic Bulletin. Students under the new general education requirements should go to the current Academic Bulletin to see how courses fulfill their graduation requirements, while other students should go to the bulletin in the year they entered IUB or for inter-campus transfer students the year they started studying at an IU campus. If students are not sure what year their requirements are under please email the undergraduate advisor Rebecca Butorac.

IU Code of Student Rights
This page provides important information about student rights, responsibilities, and expectations on Indiana University Bloomington.

List of College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors
Students looking for a list of College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advisors should go no further. This web page lists the contact information for all the advisors which is helpful in declaring majors, minors, as well as any other academic questions students may have about other departments inside the College of Arts and Sciences.

Activities and Organizations

The Activities and Organizations web page is useful for students interested in majors, IUB activities and clubs, volunteering, and other services and opportunities available on campus.

Field Schools and Study Abroad

Study abroad and field schools can be an invaluable part of an undergraduate career. Students are recommended to participate in a field school through Indiana University Bloomington’s Anthropology department. Students may also look at Indiana University Bloomington’s Overseas Study website to learn more about study abroad. If you have questions about financial aid the Overseas Study website also has a web page that describes financial aid that can be used in study abroad.

Anthropology and Research Grant Links

These following links are for Anthropology organizations undergraduates might want to learn about or become involved in.

Students wishing to get involved in research while at Indiana University may wish to explore the following website for programs and funding.

Graduation and After College

One of the hardest things can be determining what you want to do after finishing your undergraduate degree. One way to explore your options is to make an appointment with the Anthropology undergraduate academic advisor Rebecca Butorac. Students also interested in discussing careers and graduate school in Anthropology may want to contact Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies Professor Daniel Suslak. You can additionally attend a 15 minute drop-in advising appointment with a Career Development Center advisor to discuss what future careers are best for you and get advice on graduate school and how to search for jobs after graduation. Please see the links below for more information about graduation from Indiana University Bloomington and the process of applying for graduate school.

What can you do with an Anthropology major?

Career Development Center
If students are unsure of what they want to do after graduation, what career is best for them or how to best search for a job this website is for them. Here students can learn more about career options available for them as well as job search strategies and job fairs. Meeting with a career advisor is also helpful in determining what future career is best for a student and developing how best to search for a job. If students are looking for some elective classes the Career Development also has classes to prepare students in searching for jobs and future careers.

Graduate School
Students considering graduate school they should take a look at the above Graduate School link from the Career Development Center about whether to apply to grad school, the application process, and sources for graduate school funding. Also available are a list of grad school resources. Students interested in funding for Anthropology and other science based fields may also consider the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program which provides three years of support for graduate study in certain fields.

Finally here is a very useful document from an advisor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) about tips on what not to do when applying for graduate school.

Apply for graduation
All Anthropology major students (and majors inside the College of Arts and Sciences) must apply for graduation through the College of Arts and Sciences Recorder’s Office in order to graduate. Please go to the following website and login to apply to graduate. Deadlines are June 1 of the year before graduation for May graduation, December 1 for August graduation, and March 1 for December graduation.

Participating in a graduation can be a wonderful way to celebrate a student’s academic achievement. Commencement is held in May and December. August graduates can participate in the May commencement 3 months before their August graduation.


Thank you for your interest in the Anthropology undergraduate program at Indiana University Bloomington.  For general questions and to learn more about the undergraduate Anthropology major and other academic opportunities available to them prospective undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Rebecca Butorac, the Anthropology undergraduate academic advisor. You can also see what career options are available for students with this presentation from students at the University of Southern Florida.

In addition to information about Anthropology prospective students are encouraged to explore the resources listed below:

Office of Admissions (for U.S. citizens or permanent residents)

  1. Information for Future Freshmen
  2. Information for Transfer Students

Office of International Admissions (for non U.S. citizens or permanent residents)

  1. Information for International Freshmen
  2. Information for International Transfer

College of Arts and Sciences Direct Admission (for outstanding high school students interested in being directly admitted into a major in the College of Arts and Sciences)

Credit Transfer Service (useful if students have taken college courses at other universities and want to see if the courses will automatically transfer into IUB courses)

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Academic and Student Activity Information