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  • Network and Social Support
    • Promote visibility across campuses
    • Outreach to new faculty & staff
    • Partner with academic units in recruitment and retention efforts
    • Help transition faculty and staff through organizing social events
    • Create distribution list reserves and events calendar
    • Host spring and fall receptions
    • Create resource list for faculty
  • Professional Development and Mentoring
    • Create a list of all faculty and staff members
    • Distribute a questionnaire to find out the following (educational background, years serving IU, department)
    • Provide support for APAs academically, socially, and professionally
    • Aid faculty/staff in need of language support
    • Aid faculty/staff with regards to professional issues (securing grants, promotions, etc)
    • Develop mentoring program for younger faculty/staff members
  • Coalition Building and Advocacy
    • Better representation for Asian/Pacific American faculty and staff
    • Establish contacts with other minority groups
    • Serve as an advocacy group for individual problems and issues
    • Participate/attend multi-cultural events in the community and on campus
    • Create a list to publicize diversity-related events
    • Clarify policies that refer to "minority" groups. Why are APAs not included in some "minority" programs?
  • Mentoring and Student Support
    • Direct students to various student organizations and associations
    • Give information of where relevant sources are: places of worship, culture centers, etc
    • Provide students with information in regards to transportation, financial aid, etc
    • Network student associations from all campuses to locate need
    • Contact other people in the list/group
Important Events
  • Save the Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, Noon to 5 p.m.

    On behalf of the Asian Pacific American and Latino Faculty and Staff Councils on the Bloomington campus, we are excited to announce a joint half-day conference on “Productive Differences: Reaching Across Divides.”

    This spring conference brings together students, staff, and faculty from across IU campuses to build and build on connections, conversations and committed action related to research, teaching, learning, and life skills in diversity.

    More information coming soon.

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