Bone Bank Archaeological Research

Posey County, Indiana

Rescue Excavations at the Bone Bank Archaeological Site in Southwestern Indiana

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August 22 to 26, 2001

Looking southwest. After trees were cleared, the south excavation Block 1 was layed out based on results of previous testing and soil cores. (A large tree trunk lies against the bank at the highest point.) South Block 1 encompasses the highest ground remaining at the site. The corners of the block were shot in by transit and the excavation limits were flagged (yellow flags). This area was once farmed. Mechancial excavation will be used to remove the upper disturbed plowzone in this block, to help us exposed any pit features or stockade wall features that might be present.

Looking northeast. Jocelyn Turner hammers in the excavation permit near South Block 2. (A large tree trunk lies against the bank at the highest point.) South Block 2 will be excavated in the low-lying deposits at the edge of the former lake. Soil cores in this area indicated a buried midden deposit (from about 40-100 cm below surface). Testing in 1999 along the adjacent river bank indicated that this area also contains shallow pits, which were recognizable at the base of the midden. Yellow flags mark the edge of the block.

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