Co-Directors of the research project are Cheryl Ann Munson of Indiana Univeristy - Bloomington and Dr. Robert G. McCullough of IPFW.

The project has received the generous support of: the landowner; professional archaeologists at many institutions in Indiana and Kentucky; the Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society; regional historical organizations; and volunteers.


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Fall 2003 Work
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Bob McCullough and his brother Wayne flew over the site to take air photos.
Both Bob and Wayne are pilots.

Air photo of Prather site, by Bob McCullough, looking northeast.
New residential developments have recently been built to the west and north,
and new industrial development is beginning south of the highway in the
former Army Ammunition Plant area.

Air photo of Prather site, by Bob McCullough, looking northwest, after two-thirds of the auger samples were excavated. Reported site area is outlined in red. Drive-tracks through the hay field connect the fall 2003 auger samples.

November’s unseasonably warm, sunny days were mixed with a few cold nights. Frost on the screens and frozen dirt clods meant “hurry up and finish.”

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