Co-Directors of the research project are Cheryl Ann Munson of Indiana Univeristy - Bloomington and Dr. Robert G. McCullough of IPFW.

The project has received the generous support of: the landowner; professional archaeologists at many institutions in Indiana and Kentucky; the Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society; regional historical organizations; and volunteers.


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Last Updated 2.07.2004



Fall 2003 Work
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Perry Harrell and Cheryl Munson augering Priority 2 samples on
the east end of the site.

The last sample on the east side is ready to be cleaned. Jocelyn Turner made sure each of the auger sample locations was set up with a zip-lock plastic sample bag and a record form labeled with the assigned FS number and grid coordinates. Record forms were kept in a second zip-lock bag until excavators, profilers, and screeners had completed their parts of the form.

On the last day of work on the north edge of the site,
we were able to finish all the Priority 3 samples.

In the final two days of the survey with 12 people working we were incredibly productive: set out grid locations for 23 samples, augured 50, cleaned 50, profiled 50, and screened 50!!!

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