Co-Directors of the research project are Cheryl Ann Munson of Indiana Univeristy - Bloomington and Dr. Robert G. McCullough of IPFW.

The project has received the generous support of: the landowner; professional archaeologists at many institutions in Indiana and Kentucky; the Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society; regional historical organizations; and volunteers.


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Thanks to archaeologist Phil DiBlasi and the University of Louisville Archaeology Laboratory, even a rainy morning proved to be productive though fieldwork was not possible. Bob McCullough, Cheryl Munson, and Joce Turner worked on an inventory of bags of artifacts and other materials from Dr. Donald Janzen’s 1971 excavations at Prather, in order to assess how these materials might help the current research project, and how much time would be needed to catalog them. The 1971 collection is presently curated by UofL and includes large portions of several reconstructable Mississippi Plain jars, as well as many smaller fragments of pottery, animal bone, and other materials.

Jonathan Criss washing materials recovered by screening.

Joce Turner cleaning soil from recovered whole vessel (N1080, E920). Soil was processed by flotation.

Joce Turner processing flotation (IPFW bucket apparatus) from L.2 of deep cultural deposit at N1000, E980 (FS #19).