Co-Directors of the research project are Cheryl Ann Munson of Indiana Univeristy - Bloomington and Dr. Robert G. McCullough of IPFW.

The project has received the generous support of: the landowner; professional archaeologists at many institutions in Indiana and Kentucky; the Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society; regional historical organizations; and volunteers.


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Last Updated 2.07.2004



Gallery - Volunteers and Field Crew
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Richard Lyons (right) of FOAS is not only a champion cleaner & screener, he’s a great teacher – of spear-throwing with an atl-atl. Bob McCullough (left) is an apt pupil.

John Criss gets the best distance record among the crew for spear-throwing. Next contest is for accuracy….
Mariah Yager (IPFW student) screening with visiting assistants.

Tony Prather left, Chris Kokojan right.
Jim Allgood and Bett Etonohan (FOSP)
Sundae Murphy

Craig Arnold, IPFW sudent.

Mark Milliner left, Lesley Rumbley right


Tony Baker (IPFW student) filling out
record form.
Joel Ruprecht and Craig Arnold (IPFW students) dumping the last of the stockpiled sample into the screen.
Susan Spencer and Sarah Ross, University of Louisville students, help with our big job of screening. The record warm November days meant suntans.

David Pollack, Kentucky Heritage Council, helps Marian Yager with screening.
Gwynn Henderson (Kentucky Archaeological Survey) folding plastic tarp after last soil put in screen. Perry Harrell (crew) screening. Railroad embankment in the background.

Leon Hostetler, avocational archaeologist and teacher from the Madison area.
Archaeologist Patrick J. Munson uses his posthole digging expertise (and equipment) to clean out loosened soil in auger hole.
IU graduate student Josh Wells.
Katie McWhorter, University of Lousiville student, with pencil holder.
Jeanne Burke, Clark County Historian, fills out sample forms after cleaning auger sample hole at N920, E1120.
Archaeobotnist Dr. Leslie Bush had a chance to help with last two days of the field season.
Susan Spencer and Victor Lewis (UofL) don’t need clipboards for notes.
Flo, the landowner’s border collie, was a daily – and favorite – visitor.
Fall 2003 field crew (back row: Leon Hostettler, volunteer; Robert McCullough, IPFW; Andy White, IPFW; Glenn Perry Harrell, IU; Jocelyn Turner, IU; Cheryl Ann Munson, IU; and Jonathan Criss, IU).

Thank you to everyone on the field crew and all volunteers! Your work made our initial Prather site survey a big success.

Cheryl and Bob