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Building an Inclusive Campus

Contribute to a Partnership

"The Health Information Commons is a website for health communications that is accessible across organizations and levels by health and social care providers, clients, and researchers in Bloomington and surrounding areas. This conference aims to engage campus and community in course-based and research-based partnerships to begin building this website. The long term goal is to coproduce a sustainable healthy Bloomington."

Bridging Health Communications Conference

Do you belong to a group promoting health and wellness on campus or in the community?

Does your organization wish to participate in building the Health Information Commons?

Does your organization need help in building your part of the Health Information Commons?

Do you teach a course that can include a community-based project to address one of the above needs?

Do you have technological expertise you can lend to the building of the HIC?

Do you have interest in community-based research and social action?

Do you have research expertise in conducting usability testing of the HIC?

Do you have research expertise in assessing and documenting health and wellness outcomes?

Do you have interest and/or expertise in telling the story of how Bloomington rallied around the issue of a sustainable healthy community?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, please register!

I met with several kinds of associations in America of which I confess I had no previous notion; and I have often admired the extreme skill with which the inhabitants of the United States succeed in proposing a common object for the exertions of a great many men and in inducing them voluntarily to pursue it.

Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Yet I worry that the need for continuous civic engagement, intellectual struggle, and vigilance is not well understood in some of our mature democracies and is not transmitted to citizens and officials in new democracies...We have to avoid slipping into a naive sense that democracy - once established - will continue on its own momentum.

Elinor Ostrom, The Future of Democracy (2000)