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Contact the Department Graduate Assistant, Fenella Flinn for your Student Identification Number. You should also obtain an I.U. email address, by going to the Indiana Memorial Union building, room number M084, to contact the University Information Technology Services (UITS) at 855-6789,. This service is free of charge.

BEFORE YOU REGISTER, YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR AREA ADVISOR TO DISCUSS WHICH COURSES YOU SHOULD ENROLL IN. (This is particularly important for Ph.D. students [see section on Ph.D. requirements].) A list of area advisors can be found listed at the end of this handbook. If you are not sure who your area advisor is please see the Director of Graduate Studies for help.

Registration begins with OneStart.

As registration gets closer, visit the Office of Registration home page for the most updated instructions.

As you register, keep in mind that 400-level courses and above carry graduate credit, with only a few minor exceptions (e.g. A490). Non-academic courses, such as swimming, ballet, etc., usually will not count toward your degree. Also keep in mind that an average course load is 12-15 credit hours, and the minimum full-time load for graduate students is 8 credit hours. The mechanics of registration will be explained to you at the registration center. Ph.D. students who will be off campus for research may be registered in-absentia. See Registering In-Absentia under Ph.D. Requirements.

Drop and Add

At the end of the first week of classes, students are able to adjust their courses through the drop/add process. Consult the Schedule of Classes, located on the Registrar’s homepage, for times and procedures. A late schedule change fee will be assessed for each class dropped after the first week of classes. The late schedule change fee also applied to a class number (section) change, a change of arranged hours, or a credit/audit change.

Sarah Bassett
Director of Graduate Studies
Fine Arts office 105
Telephone: 855-7501