Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Art History

Time Limits for Graduation | Graduate Studies

M.A. Degree

The M.A. program in Art History is generally a 2 year program. All Masters Students have a total of 5 years to complete all coursework and degree requirements. After the end of 5 years, if requirements have not been met, coursework must be re-validated through written or oral exams, or classes must be retaken.

Ph.D. Degree

Ph.D. students have 7 years to complete all coursework and successfully complete the Qualifying Examinations. After the Qualifying Examinations have been passed, the student has an additional 7 years to complete the Ph.D. Dissertation. If the student's candidacy expires, courses must be re-validated through written or oral examinations, or courses must be retaken. The University Graduate School must approve all requests for re-validation. After re-validation of candidacy, the Ph.D. dissertation must be completed within three years. No further extension is ever allowed.

To Graduate

At the Masters level in Art History, after completing all degree requirements, and completing the Masters Essay, the student should apply for Graduation at the Graduate School, Kirkwood Hall, Room 111. (If you are not finishing your essay in Bloomington, please request that the Departmental Graduate Secretary forward a Request for Graduation form to you from the Graduate School).

At the Doctoral level in Art History, you need to complete all degree requirements, and fulfill all requirements regarding the Ph.D. Dissertation. Upon receipt of your bound copies, or electronic submission, the Graduate School will process your degree. You may contact the Alumni Association regarding the Graduation Ceremony if you so desire.