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Undergraduate Association of Art Historians (UAAH)


The Undergraduate Association of Art Historians (UAAH) seeks to create an extra-curricular space for undergraduate students to fully manifest their interest in Art History, gain valuable insight into Art History related careers, and explore interdisciplinary relationships between the Department and other departments and associations around campus. Fundamental to the values of the Association is the cultivation of a diverse perspective through open dialogue on the field and it’s various inlets. We seek to provide a supportive, respectful, and friendly environment for all our members.

In order to achieve these goals, the Association actively facilitates conversation groups, collaborations with other associations and departments, as well as career- oriented and social events throughout the year. Additionally, the Association will host an annual spring symposium open to students throughout the mid-west in order to further strengthen our ongoing discussion of art and promote invaluable career-related skills.

Art History Association


The Art History Association (AHA) of Indiana University is a student organization dedicated to two primary missions.

First, we seek to promote the Department of the History of Art both on the IU Bloomington campus and nationally by fostering a strong academic environment for the study of our discipline. Through the organization of an annual graduate student symposium and monthly events for students we hope to bring diverse art historical viewpoints to Indiana University and to open a dialogue with the larger Bloomington community. As a part of this mission, AHA acts as a liaison between the faculty, art history students, fine arts students, and local arts organizations.

We also provide a support network for graduate and undergraduate students of art history at Indiana University Bloomington. For incoming graduate students we offer guidance through our peer mentoring program and orientation activities. For all of our members, we encourage scholarly endeavors through monthly forums, professional development workshops, and communicate artistic and scholarly opportunities via our active listserv. In addition, AHA aims to cultivate a sense of community for students by organizing social events, festivities and travel opportunities.

The Art History Association welcomes all members of the Indiana University community to contact our mailing list in order to join our organization and begin receiving AHA news and departmental announcements.

The Friends of ArtFoA logo

The Friends of Art include nearly 500 students, docents, faculty, artists, and historians who all share a love and devotion to the arts. Our organization has provided program and financial support for the students of the Henry Hope School of Fine Arts, including studio, art history and the IU Museum, since 1968. Donations to the Friends of Art support these students by providing funds for travel and research by art history and museum students as well as significant scholarship packages for studio students.

Each year, the Friends of Art distribute on average $30,000 to the three departments, and other units in Fine Arts, made possible by member donations and proceeds from the Friends of Art Bookshop. In addition, we provide funds for awards, support for year-end MFA thesis shows at the SoFA Gallery, including an elaborate MFA catalog given out at the spring shows. We sponsor studio tours and a faculty lecture series, as well as special lectures before most of our trips.

We offer our members a diverse roster of travel opportunities to major museum shows, including recent trips to Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati and Chicago. We operate a full-service art bookstore in the Fine Arts building that has no equal in the state (where members enjoy a 10% discount). A 10% discount also applies at the IU Art Museum Angles Café and Gift shop. Our members receive notice and invitations to important lectures, receptions, openings and previews to shows at the art museum and the SoFA Gallery. Our quarterly newsletter covers all these events and more.

Joining the Friends of Art is a great way to get involved with exciting happenings in the visual arts while helping students at the Hope School of Fine Arts. Visit our web site at  for updates on travel, shows, lectures and other events. If you would like to be included in e-mail announcements, send your e-mail address to