Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Art History

Undergraduate Studies


What can you do with a degree in Art History?

  • Teach at a college or university
  • Work in a museum or an auction house
  • Become an art dealer, art conservator, photoarchivist, art librarian, visual resources management, or historic preservationist
  • Lead tours to exotic foreign places
  • Art critic

Picture of studentsYou will learn the meaning of works of art, how they were made, why they were made, why some are called masterpieces, and why museums and collectors spend fortunes on art.

In addition, the skills you will learn will prepare you well for careers in business, law, international relations, telecommunications, journalism, finance and banking, accounting, as well as for graduate work in any area of the humanities, and many professional programs.  These skills include:

  • critical thinking and writing skills
  • articulate expression of ideas in speech and writing
  • cultural and visual literacy
  • diversified problem-solving skills

The dedicated teaching faculty in the Department of Art History are ready to help you to develop the skills you need to compete in today’s world and to help you design a course of study specifically targeted to your needs and interests.

Bret Rothstein

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Fine Arts Building, Office 142
Telehone: 855-8510

Meryl Krieger

Undergraduate Advisor
Fine Arts Building, Office 136
Telephone: 855-4315

Melissa Hunt

Undergraduate Assistant, Budget Coordinator
Fine Arts Building, Office 132
Telehone: 855-9390

Fenella Flinn

Assistant to the Chair and Faculty
Scheduling Officer, Graduate Assistant
Fine Arts Buiilding, Office 132
Telehone: 855-9556