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Indiana University Bloomington

Arts Administration

side of the art museum building



Dr. Michael Rushton, Director of Arts Administration Programs

The goal of our graduate and undergraduate programs in arts administration is to not only give students the skills they need to manage in the creative sector, but also to foster the understanding that in the art world nothing is static, that technology and society and economy and art will shift in ways no one can predict, and that arts organizations need leaders who can develop and articulate vision and strategy, and navigate the changing currents while preserving core values.

We are a part of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, one of the most highly regarded faculties in the nation, and especially lauded for its expertise in philanthropy and nonprofit management. But we also make use of the expertise of faculty and administrators from across the IU campus, in business, information technology, and, of course, the arts.

Combining faculty and practical expertise with the astonishing variety of cultural offerings on campus and in Bloomington, students can look forward to an intellectually and culturally stimulating experience in the study and practice of arts management, while preparing themselves for leadership in the arts in the decades ahead.