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Indiana University Bloomington

Arts Administration

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Degree Requirements

Dr. Rushton and students in Kyoto for the Economics of Arts Organizations class.

Master of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA)

Click here for the MAAA program curriculum.

Master of Public Affairs (MPA)/Master of Arts in Arts Administration (MAAA) Dual Degree

Click here for the MPA/MAAA program curriculum.

*For more information on core courses, please see the arts administration course descriptions.


Electives courses must be graduate-level (500+) or equivalent. Upper level undergraduate courses may count toward graduation only if the student has prior approval and written documentation from the professor of the course verifying that additional, graduate-level work will be required. Documentation must be approved by the University Graduate School.

*Please note that course offerings change each semester; visit the Schedule of Classes offered by the Office of the Registrar for current course offerings by semester.

At least 9 graduate-level credit hours, suggested but not limited to:

Arts Administration (AADM):
Y412 Opera Management
Y500 Repertoire Appraisal for Arts Managers
Y505 Programming in the Performing Arts
Y559 Public Policy and the Arts
Y500 IT Applications for Arts Managers
Y500 Curating in Galleries and Museums
Y500 Cultural Districts and Local Arts Policy
Y500 The Arts and Social Change
Y500 Graphic Design

Click here to view AADM course descriptions.

African American Studies (AAAD):
A694 Seminar on Performing, Visual and Material Arts
in African American Studies
A579 Early Black American Writing
A580 Contemporary Black American Writing

Click here to view AAAD course descriptions.

Anthropology (ANTH):
E660 Arts in Anthropology Seminar
A408 Museum Practicum
E663 Exhibiting Cultures
E621 Food and Culture
E682 Memory and Culture

Click here to view ANTH course descriptions.

Central Eurasian Studies (CEUS):
R554 Literature and Cinema in Modern Iran
R516 Peoples and Cultures of Central Asia 
R549 Topics in Hungarian Studies: Examining Operetta
R549 Topics in Hungarian Studies: Hungarian Film
R649 Roma through History, Music and Film
R510 Introduction to Central Asian History
R522 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East

Click here to view CEUS course descriptions.

Classical Studies (CLAS):
C501 Literature and Cultural Theory
C503 The Ancient City - Monuments of Rome
G536 Survey of Greek Literature I 
G537 Survey of Greek Literature II

Click here to view CLAS course descriptions.

Communications and Culture (CMCL):
C560 Motion Picture Production
C606 Media Criticism - Documentary Studies
C596 National Cinemas
C502 Intro to Performance Comm. and Culture
C662 Media Audiences
C652 Globalization of Media
C620 Media, Politics and Power 

Click here to view CMCL course descriptions.

Comparative Literature (CMLT):
C501 Intro to Contemporary Literature Studies
C525 The Renaissance and 17th Century
C573 Comp Topics in Middle-Eastern and Western Lit
C647 Literary Studies and Philosophy 
C537 The Twentieth Century I
C601 History of Theory and Criticism
C513 Narrative 
C511 Drama 

Click here to view CMLT course descriptions.

Cultural Studies (CULS):
C601 Introduction to Cultural Studies
C701 Special Topics in Cultural Studies 

Click here to see CULS course descriptions.

East Asian Language & Culture (EALC):
E505 Topics in East Asian Studies
E533 Studies in Chinese Cinema 
C567 Chinese in Social Sciences 

Click here to view EALC course descriptions.

Education (EDUC):
Z511 Non-Studio Approaches to Art Instruction
L600 Issues in Lit, Culture and Language Education

Click here to view EDUC course descriptions.

English (ENG):
L611 Early Modern Lit and Culture 1500-1600
L627 British Lit and Culture 1790-1900
L646 Readings in Media, Literature and Culture
W611 Writing Fiction I
W613 Writing Poetry I
L632 Readings in 19th C American Lit and Culture
L636 Readings in Drama and Performance to 1800
L638 Readings in Contemporary Literature

Click here to view ENG course descriptions.

Fine Arts (FINA):
A580 Topics in Art History
A643 Problems in American Art
A615 Problems in Greek Painting
A590 Museum Studies
S552 Graphic Design for Graduate Non-Majors
A624 Problems in Early Gothic Art
A650 Problems in African Art
A540 Topics in Modern Art

Click here to view FINA course descriptions.

Folklore and Ethnomusicology (FOLK):
F600 Asian Folklore/Folk Music
F609 African and Afro-American Folk/Folk Music
F617 Middle East Folklore/Folk Music
F625 North American Folklore/Folk Music
F635 European Folklore/Folk Music
F638 Latin American Folklore/Folk Music
F755 Folklore, Culture and Society
F750 Performance Studies

Click here to view FOLK course descriptions.

French and Italian (FRIT):
M500 Seminar in Italian Cinema
F651 Studies in French Cinema

Click here to view FRIT course descriptions.

Germanic Languages (GER):
G620 Gender and Sexuality in European Culture
G625 Literature and Culture 
G577 Historical Study of German Lit 
K507 Topics in Scandinavian Lit
N508 Golden Age of Dutch Culture  
Y505 Topics in Yiddish Literature
Y506 Topics in Yiddish Culture

Click here to view GER course descriptions.

Gender Studies (GNDR):
G601 Scientific Practices and Feminist Knowledge 
G603 Feminist Theories
G704 Cultural Politics and 20th Century Sexualities

Click here to view GNDR course descriptions.

History (HIST):
H605 Ancient History
H650 United States History
H665 Latin American History
H680 Cultural History 
H685 Near Eastern History 
H620 Modern Western European History 

Click here to view HIST course descriptions.

Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER):
R580 Tourism Planning Management
K585 American Sport Through Film
K586 Understanding Sport Media

Click here to view HPER course descriptions.

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA):
V521 The Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector
V522 HR Management in Nonprofits
V523 Civil Society and Public Policy
V541 Cost Benefit Analysis
V547 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
V550 NGO Management in Comp. Perspective
V557 Proposal Development and Grant Admin
V561 Public Human Resources Management
V562 Public Program Evaluation
V569 Managing Interpersonal Relations
V570 Labor Relations
V611 Design of Information Systems

Click here to view SPEA course descriptions.

Kelley School of Business (BUS):
F508 Valuation of Real Options
J501 Develop Strategic Capabilities
M651 Consumer Behavior
W505 Power Persuasion Negotiation
W520 Turnaround Management
P635 Special Topics in Operations Management
W508 Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Dev
F600 Asset Pricing Theory
F625 Empirical Finance
M574 Pricing Management
M594 Global Marketing Management
W503 Creativity/Innovation: New Venture Ideas
M653 Managerial Research in Marketing
P506 Logistics and Distribution

Click here to view BUS course descriptions.

Journalism (JOUR):
J510 Media and Society Seminar
J530 Issues in New Communication Technology
J552 Reporting the Arts
J563 Computerized Publication Design
J614 Globalization, Media and Social Change 

Click here to view JOUR course descriptions.

Jacobs School of Music (MUS):
M561 History & Literature of Opera I
M562 History & Literature of Opera II
M563 History & Literature of Opera III
M564 History and Literature of Opera IV
M525 Survey of Operatic Literature
M527 Symphonic Literature
M653 Baroque Music
M652 Renaissance Music 
M510 Topics in Music Literature
M502 Composers
Z710 Non-Music Major Performance Elective
R571 Opera Workshop
J700 Ballet Graduate Elective
E524 Exploring Teaching Music K-12

Click here to view MUS course descriptions.

Philosophy (PHIL):
P526 Nineteenth Century Philosophy 
P540 Contemporary Ethical Theories 
P522 Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy 

Click here to view PHIL course descriptions.

Politcal Science (POLS):
Y657 Comparative Politics
Y661 American Politics  
Y669 International Relations 

Click here to view POLS course descriptions.

Religious Studies (REL):
R511 Religion of Ancient Israel
R532 Studies of Religion in American Culture 
R554 Religions of East Asia  
R531 Studies in Christian History 
R552 Studies in Buddhism 
R553 Studies in Islam 

Click here to view REL course descriptions.

Renaissance Studies (REN):
R501 The Culture of the Renaissance 
R502 Topics in Renaissance Civilization

Click here to view REN course descriptions.

School of Library and Information Sciences (SLIS):
S651 Art Librarianship
S655 Music Librarianship
ILS-Z 511 Database Design
ILS-Z 517 Web Programming

Click here to view SLIS course descriptions.

Slavic Languages and Literatures (SLAV):
R505 19th Century Russian Literautre
R552 Russian and Soviet Film 
R553 Central European Cinema

Click here to view SLAV course descriptions.

Sociology (SOC):
S502 Launching your Academic Career
S530 Introduction to Social Psychology
S510 Introduction to Social Organizations

Click here to view SOC course descriptions.

Spanish and Portuguese (HISP):
P510 Brazilian Cinema
S588 U.S. Latino Literature 
S548 Spanish Literature of 20th and 21st Century

Click here to view HISP course descriptions.

Telecommunications (TEL):
T535 The Economics of Information
T576 New Media Production
T577 New Media Design
T522 Managing the Creative Process
T604 Seminar in Media and Society

Click here to view TEL course descriptions.

Theatre and Drama (THTR):
T506 Fundamentals of Scenic Design
T521 Studies in Acting I
T571 Renaissance and Baroque Theatre
T583 Topics in Theatre and Drama 
T529 Studies in Theatre Technology 
T532 Design for Television and Film 
T775 Seminar in Theatre History
T543 Studies in Directing II
T537 Fundamentals of Costume Design 

Click here to view THTR course descriptions.