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Alumni Update: Amanda Zambrano

December 14, 2010

Amanda Zambrano, MAAA '10 has this to say about her life after getting her MAAA through our program:

My internship was as the Administrator for the MasterWorks Festival, a project sponsored by the Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship (Warsaw, Indiana). Similar in nature to music festivals such as Aspen, Brevard or Eastern, we have a four week-program for classical musicians, dancers and actors, but add a spiritual component by providing Bible studies and other religious activities. My role was to oversee all of the daily operations, as well as processing applications, scheduling, facility usage, tuition collection, hospitality, contracting, housing - you name it, I had my hand in it! I really enjoyed being at the heart of the action, and seeing kids' lives changed through our programs. Over my years of involvement with MasterWorks I've watched students turn into really fantastic players, seen incredible changes in their lives and witnessed the start to some promising careers.
Currently I'm working with the Christian Performing Artists' Fellowship as the Director of Development. This was a new staff position as of August 2010, so I have spent much of my time sorting out what has been done in the past and what needs to be done, or done better. We've done a significant amount of major donor research this fall, along with looking for new grant funding possibilities and ramping up our online donation capabilities. We're also preparing for the end-of-year solicitation, working to better segment and target our donor database. I've been working on a list of changes I'd like to make in 2011, really focusing on building meaningful relationships with our donors, having more consistent contact with them, and helping them feel more involved.
I've participated in a number of Network for Good webinars this fall as well. Staying in the loop by listening in on these sessions has been good, and keeps my ideas and thinking fresh. I've also been chipping in with other projects around the office. We've been working on improving our social networking - and you can now find MasterWorks Festival on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I'm also a staff blogger for the MasterWorks Festival blog. We're writing our first truly comprehensive marketing plan and we're significantly restructuring a program that is lagging a little - I've been involved in advising and brainstorming with both of those projects. I've also been working with the Board and the Executive Director in an advisory capacity with some potential future programs that are in the research stage.
Along with my full time job, I've been doing some consulting work as well. I'm working with a start-up project in Warsaw, and worked for a short time with a chamber ensemble in Indianapolis. I've also advised a start-up international venture.
I was married last February, and we're in the process of buying a house. We can't wait to move and adopt a kitten - or a puppy (I have to say that for my husband's sake)! I've also started my own personal blog where I review books and recipes. I volunteer in my church toddler's nursery, am writing a Bible study with some women from my church, and hope to volunteer with the Remnant Trust once it opens in December.