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Indiana University Bloomington

Arts Administration

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Managing in Arts and Culture Nonprofits

December 13, 2013

 Joanna Woronkowicz and Peter Frumkin present a talk on Managing in Arts and Culture Nonprofits at the 2013 ARNOVA conference.

Abstract: Near the turn of the 20th century, the arts sector in the U.S. experienced an enormous building boom in which cities of all sizes built a wide range of facilities. This presentation looks at the practice of building arts facilities in the context of the organizations that build and the communities in which facilities are built. The authors explore how artistic vision, financial and organizational patterns, and institutional culture intersect throughout the process of a building initiative. They also look at the characteristics of communities that can support or hinder the development of a building project.

To learn more about Professor Woronkowicz's reserach, follow her blog "Culture is Policy" here.