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Indiana University Bloomington

Arts Administration

side of the art museum building

Ann Fields Gallery Display

October 7, 2010

Current Arts Administration student Ann Fields works as the Bloomington Arts and Entertainment District Arts Intern and recently completed a gallery display in the Bloomington City Hall Atrium.

She says, “I love hanging artwork in a gallery. I like taking a level and finding that I did, in fact, measure correctly and now the piece is hanging straight.  A difficult part of hanging a show at City Hall is having to do it while standing on the stairs, and there are several maintenance guys who are willing to actually go up on a ladder and hang things where they are supposed to go. So now I just play the part of curator.  For this show, the hardest part was the fact that some pieces were more dynamic than others.  Some were gigantic and colorful while others were smaller and monochromatic.  After lots of rearranging and a few other pairs of eyes to reassure me, the exhibit was hung in only an hour.”

Here are some pictures of the lovely finished product:

Gallery PhotoGallery Photo 2