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Indiana University Bloomington

Arts Administration

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Monika Herzig Performances

January 22, 2010

Every Saturday, Rick's Cafe Boatyard, 7-11pm, Eagle Creek Reservoir,  Indianapolis
Monika Herzig Trio

Every Wednesday, starting January 20, after 8:30, Hot Wings/Cool Jazz Jam Sessions at
Buffa Louie's, Bloomington

Friday, January 29, Stable Studios, 2034 Dubois Rd, Spencer, IN 47460,  812-859-4868,
Live video taping for DVD Documentary 'Come With Me'

Sunday, February 21, Monroe County Public Library Auditorium
Janiece Jaffe and Monika Herzig for Arts Week

Thursday, March 25, 5.30pm, Bear's Place, Bloomington
Jazz Fables feature A Tribute to Women's History Month with Monika  Herzig & Friends

Sunday, March 28, 2pm, Artsgarden, Indianapolis
Norbert Krapf & Monika Herzig with Peter Kienle and Carolyn Dutton

Saturday, April 10, 2pm, Tippecanoe County Library, Lafayette
Norbert Krapf, Monika Herzig, and Peter Kienle

April 12 - May 17, Mondays 6-10pm, Senior Center/Chatterbox
An Introduction to Jazz History and the Indianapolis Jazz Scene
To sign up go to  and click
on Personal Interests

May 13 - 16, 2010, featured guest performer for Jazz on the Lake
Clarksville, VA

May 22, 2010, 8pm, Robbie's House of Jazz, St. Louis
Monika Herzig & Friends

May 23, 2010, 2pm, Monika Herzig Acoustic Project
Artsgarden, Indianapolis

June 11, 2010, Monika Herzig Quartet with Peter Kienle, Peter Lehel,  Markus Faller
Schloss Lautlingen, Germany

June 18, 2010, Monika Herzig Quartet
Bechsteinzentrum Tuebingen, Germany

June 19, 2010, Monika Herzig Quartet, Karlsruhe

August 5, 2010, Monika Herzig and Peter Kienle
Brookfield Jazz Society, Brookfield, IL

August 6, 2010, Monika Herzig and Peter Kienle
Lubeznik Center of the Performing Arts, Michigan City

August 7, 2010, Monika Herzig and Peter Kienle
Magnum Restaurant, Madison, WI

August 7, 2010, Monika Herzig Trio
Madison, WI - Magnus