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IU Professors Release Report

January 1, 2012

Please join us in congratulating Drs. Jen Shang and Adrian Sargeant on their recent report, Growing Philanthropy in the United States. In the report, Shang and Sargeant evaluate the state of philanthropy in the United States and set forth recommendations for increasing giving with measures that include improving relationships with donors, strengthening public awareness and reaching new audiences. The report draws on existing research as well as information gathered at the summer 2011 “Growing Philanthropy Summit,” which Shang and Sargeant organized as the first of three “Growing Philanthropy Summits” to be held around the globeThe first summit, held in Washington, DC, was sponsored by Blackbaud, Inc. and Hartsook Companies (companies who focus on nonprofit technology and fundraising). Thirty influential and innovative leaders from across the nonprofit industry were invited to come together to reflect on what might be done to grow philanthropy in the United States. There has since been a parallel summit in the UK, with plans to run another summit in Australia in 2012.