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Correlating a Motivation-Activation Measure with Media Preference

Covering Presidential Election Campaigns: Does Reporter Gender Affect the Work Lives of Correspondents and Their Reportage?

"Global Positioning: Indiana's Exports and Foreign Direct Investment"

Conjunctive pronouns in Modern Welsh: A preliminary corpus-based study.

Products not Commodities: The Indiana-European Trade Connection

Pb2+ coprecipitation with iron oxyhydroxide nano-particles

Hydrogeochemical processes and their controls on water quality and water management

Mineralogy and geochemistry of gold-bearing arsenian pyrite from the Shuiyindong Carlin-type gold deposit, Guizhou, China: Implications for gold depositional processes

On the potential of CO2-water-rock interactions for CO2 storage using a modified kinetic model

Coupled reactive transport modeling of CO2 Sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone Formation, Midwest U.S.A.