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Seizer Produces Documentary

Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages

Posted: Monday, September 17, 2012

Susan Seizer

Associate Professor of Communication and Culture Susan Seizer has recently produced a film about stand-up comedy. Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages is a documentary that follows the creative brilliance of three stand-up comics working the comedy club circuit in the “flyover zones” of middle America. It documents the perseverance of these working class artists making their living by being funny on the road. Their performances show that comedic talent is not exclusively a coastal media commodity, opening our eyes to what we might miss if we merely "fly over."

Local audiences across the Midwest and South appreciate the humor these comics draw out of malls, fast food, and the slow quirkiness of lives not made for TV. Professor Seizer, cultural anthropologist, follows comic artists Stewart Huff, Tim Northern, and Kristin Key as they craft their nightly works out of our shared daily lives.

She is pleased to announce that her film has several screenings at festivals and theaters around the mid-west:

On Sunday Sept. 30th, the film will have its Indiana Premiere at the beautiful IU Cinema, located on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University. Screening is at 6:30 p.m.; a Q&A with Seizer will follow.

Road Comics is now an official selection of the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, which runs from Friday November 2nd through Sunday November 4th. The schedule will be up soon at!

Road Comics: Big Work on Small Stages will screen twice at the Southern Appalachian International Film Festival (SOAPIFF) in Tennessee, Nov. 12-18. Please check festival calendar for details.

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