Association of SPEA Ph.D. Students

18th Association of SPEA Ph.D Students Conference

Schedule: February 16 th, 2018

IU - Bloomington


9:00 am - 9:50 am: Keynote speaker – Dr. Robert Christensen, Associate
Professor, Romney Institute of Public Management, Brigham Young University

1 st Floor Lounge-O’Neill Graduate Center
Breakfast will be available starting 8:30 AM


Session 1 – International Perspectives on Public Management
Chair & Discussant: Deanna Malatesta
Room: SPEA A205
Renzo de la Riva Aguero:  Opening the black box: How does the bureaucracy affect service delivery? Explaining municipal performance for waste management in Peru
Godfreyb Ssekajja: Migration and the evolution of common property institutions
Renzo de la Riva Aguero: Organizational innovation after disaster: Do local governments transform in response to environmental pressures? (with Claudia Avellaneda)

Session 2 – Environmental Science & Policy: Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts
Chair: Adam Ward
Discussant: Adam Ward & David Good
Room: SPEA 278
Laura Helmke-Long: Local Governments and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: Through the Lens of Climate Mayors
Elena Solohin: Response of tidal wetlands to rising sea level in three estuaries of the U.S. Southeast-Atlantic coast
Mariana Cains: Evaluation of Models for Integration of Social Science Metrics into Watershed-Scale Risk Assessment

Session 3 – Insights on Policy Analysis & Public Finance
Chair: Anthony Liu
Discussant: Justin Ross & Anthony Liu
Room: SPEA 276
Felipe Lozano-Rojas: Forecasting College Success: An Exercise from Colombia (with Julio Ramos-Pastrana and Karen Sanchez-Trejo)
John Stavick: State Excise Tax Changes on Smokeless Tobacco and the Alchian-Allen Theorem (with Felipe Lozano and Justin Ross)
Grace Karikari: Aging policies: A multi-state analysis
Julio Zambrano: The difference between how much and who manages government spending is drinkable water: Evidence from the Ecuadorian decentralized autonomous governments

11:00 -11:45 am: Poster Session and Coffee Break
3 rd Floor Lounge-O’Neill Graduate Center

"Three Lakes: Infrastructural Culture in Brazil, Singapore, and Canada”
12:15pm-1:30pm: Noon Research talk by Dr. Stephanie Kane
Professor, International Studies, Indiana University
1 st Floor Lounge-O’Neill Graduate Center
Lunch will be available at 12:00 PM

1:30 pm-2:55 pm: AFTERNOON PAPER SESSION 1

Session 1 –Diversity in Public Organizations
Chair: Brad Fulton
Discussant: Matthew Baggetta & Brad Fulton
Room: SPEA A203
Kimberly Madsen: Implicit Bias and Behavior Among Public Servants: In Search of a Causal Mechanism for Representative Bureaucracy
Danyao Li: Gender Across the Organization: The Interaction of Female Leaders and Subordinates in the Production of Organizational Policies
Ruodan Zhang: Leadership diversity and organizational survival in a changing world (with Brad Fulton)

Session 2 – International Questions on Governance
Chair: Claudia Avellaneda
Discussant: Jennifer Brass
Room: SPEA A205
Yijing Zeng: The Relationship between Chinese Government and Nonprofit Organizations under the Asymmetric Power Structure
Johabed Olvera: Approval of Refugees: Do Managerial Values Matter?
Wanru Wang: Unilateralism, Reciprocal Trade Negotiations and China’s Belt Road Initiative

Session 3 – Impacts of Perceptions on Environmental Policies
Chair & Discussant: Diane Henshel
Room: SPEA 273
Zhengyan Li: Coercion or Cooperation? Federal response to state implementation of Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Michelle Lee: Drilling down on the public opinion towards fracking-- a latent class approach
Martin Delaroche: The influence of individual values and perceptions in the adoption of conservation practices by large-scale soybean landowners in Mato Grosso, Brazil

3:00-3:30 pm Coffee Break

3:30 pm-5:00 pm: AFTERNOON PAPER SESSION 2

Session 1 – Impact Evaluation in Policy Analysis
Chair: Seth Freedman
Discussants: Seth Freedman & Denvil Duncan
Room: SPEA A205
Lindsey Bullinger: Police and Fire Departments as Child Protection: The Effect of Safe Haven Laws on Child Fatalities
Sian Mughan: Of Race and Revenue: The Effects of Fiscal Stress on Racial Bias in Local Revenue Generation
Felipe Lozano-Rojas: Improving Student Financial Aid: The effect of student loan’s additional cash subsidies on low income students’ outcomes
Julio Ramos-Pastrana: Analysis of the Impacts of the Proposed New International Airport for Mexico City on the Real Estate Market in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley of Mexico

Session 2 – Issues in Public Management
Chair & Discussant: Thomas Rabovsky
Room: SPEA 203
Ricardo Bello-Gomez: Leaving the pilot seat empty: Determinants of vacancy instances at top executive positions (with Amanda Rutherford)
Mir Ali: Citizen Oversight Agencies for the Police: Their Impact on Racial Disparities in Arrest Rates and Use of Deadly Force
Megan Darnley: Tipping the Scales: The Causes and Consequences of Administrative Spending
Sian Mughans: Bigger Always Better? Evidence from Involuntary Local Government Mergers in New South Wales

5-7 pm: Closing Reception and Awards Ceremony
1 st Floor Lounge-O’Neill Graduate Center