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Aug. 25: Introductions—What does the eighteenth century mean to you?
Sept. 1: no class (Labor Day)

                        What was eighteenth-century studies? (c. 1950s-1980)
Sept. 8: Classics
Sept. 15: Enlightenment

                        Classics and Enlightenment under pressure

Sept. 22: Ancients and Moderns
Sept. 29: Critical Theory, Politics, and History

                        What did eighteenth-century studies become? (c. 1985-2010)

Oct. 6: Public Sphere and Private Life
Oct. 13: Persons and Property
Oct. 20: Nations and Revolutions
Oct. 27: The Global, Imperial, Colonial, Post-Colonial, and/or Atlantic Turn(s)
Nov. 3: New Worlds

                        And what might it be?

Nov. 10: Catastrophes and Improvement
Nov. 17: Networks, Materiality, and Non-Human Agents
Nov. 24: no class (Thanksgiving Break)
Dec.  1: Eighteenth-century Studies without the History
Dec.  8: In which the end of the semester arrives and everything is concluded



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