Teachers Working on Calculators This project is an outgrowth of the Tech Prep Region 10 Mathematics Project and continuation and expansion of the Area 10 Mathematics and Technology Professional Development Project. This project was designed to help Area 10 high school mathematics teachers teach as suggested by Indiana's Core 40 proficiencies and NCTM. Participants and project staff have developed and implemented academically challenging but practically based curricula. These curricula take full advantage of available technologies. Twenty nine teachers, representing 10 high schools participated in the June 1997 workshops and a total of 30 were involved for the 1997-98 academic year. This offers workshops and in-school support to Area 10 high school mathematics teachers. The project uses the expertise of experienced past participants to strengthen the support of mathematics teachers in Area 10. Experienced participants serve in an in-service model in which teachers help teachers integrate technology and applications based curriculum in the mathematics classroom. The project allows teachers who have just joined the project to be more fully involved, and helps all teachers to use technology in the classroom based on the positive experiences of previous participants.

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