Video Lessons

Intro (1.0)

Integration Setup (1.1)

SFX & Music Cues (1.2)

Randomized SFX (1.3)

Advanced Scripting (1.4)

Advanced Scripting & Live FMOD Editing (1.5)

Tutorial File Downloads

The complete Unity project for all of these lessons with commented code (.zip)
The unedited Unity project. This is the Roll-A-Ball game with no FMOD events attached to it. Use this one if you want to start from scratch on your own (.zip)
The complete FMOD project for all of these lessons (.zip)
Modified pd (Pure Data) files to synthesize a rolling sound with different velocities (.zip)

Releated Resources

Unity project video tutorial (7 parts).
pd demo files
Designing Sound by Andy Farnell (2010, MIT Press). Click the Code Examples link for a "tarball" of pd example files from his book.
Video tutorial by Lilly Chalupowski on FMOD+Unity Live Mixing.
Turn on the Apache web server in MacOS to enable localhost. Without it, you can't edit FMOD projects while your Unity game is running. Windows users will have to find one that works for them. Sorry, I don't have a way to test localhost in Windows.