Books, Projects & Grading

Required Reading

There is nothing you are required to purchase. All readings will be available online or provided in class.

Other reading suggestions

Reas, C. and B. Fry. Processing: A Programming Handbook  for Visual Designers and Artists. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2007.
Sanger, George. The Fat Man on Game Audio: Tasty Morsels of Audio Goodness. Indianapolis: New Riders, 2003.
Brandon, Alexander. Audio for Games: Planning, Process, and Production. Berkeley: New Riders, 2005.
Sonnenschein, David. Sound design: the expressive power of music, voice, and sound effects in cinema. California: Michael Wiese Productions, 2001.
Cox, Christoph, and Daniel Warner, eds. Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. New York: Continuum Books, 2004.
Chion, Michel. Audio-vision: sound on screen. New York: Columbia University Press. 1994. Also at Google Books
Puckette, Miller. The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music. URL:

Internet and print resources:,,,,,,,,,; Electronic Musician magazine, THE WIRE magazine, Game Developer magazine.

Online sound resources

Sound Snap the "You Tube" of sounds

Studio sound resources

Marantz Recorders (PMD670):

Projects & Assignments

You will work on five projects and three assignments over the course of the semester:

Forced Marriage project
Analyze a scene (approx. 2-4 minutes in length) with 3 distinctly different musical clips; hand in VHS tape or DVD, CDs or MP3s, and a thorough written analysis on the sound + image relationship (1000-1500 words)

Sound state project
Use sound to communicate "state" or "situation" relative to one's interactions with a device, interface, or environment

Ambient/Generative/Soundscape (AGS) project
Create a sound piece that conveys "place." Procedural or generative techniques can be used to tailor this for continuous or extended listening.

Contemporary works project
Make a 20-30 minute presentation on a contemporary art or media work that relates to the theme and topics of this course. Your presentation will be delivered during class this semester.

Final project
Open topic based on your interests

The three assignments are smaller in nature, and will ask you to explore the topics Sonification, Experimental Music, and Soundscape

Final grades will also be based on a student's overall participation, including contributions to class discussions and critiques.


Projects will be evaluated as follows:
0 failing; little to no effort on the part of the student
check— passing but needs improvement
check passing at acceptable quality
check+ passing; very good work