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The White House



     Scale illustrations and photos of some of our aviaries. 



 Our largest aviary seen at a distance about two thirds of the way to the aviaries pictured below.



Two 60'x30'x12' aviaries. The observation stands in the center of the near wall can be seen in both aviaries. The chairs on top of the stands can be seen. Looking through the aviary to the left a metal building can be seen in the distance. This building houses the voice recognition system used to log observational data from the aviaries. This building also houses indoor flight cages. The large aviary pictured at the top of this page is beyond the line of trees behind these aviaries.


Some views inside the larger aviaries-some aviaries have small ponds with running water







Two smaller holding aviaries


These two 36'x10'x12' aviaries are part of a group of 14 smaller aviaries. Some are attached to an observation building which is heated and air conditioned so that observations can be made the year round. The smallest aviary in this group is approximately 20'x10'x8'. This group of aviaries is located about 250' from the large aviaries and is visually separated by trees. To the right beyond the trees a part of the roof a old barn can be seen.