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 Scientific journeys cannot be captured by the contents of academic journals or chapters…the writing is too conventional and the sentiments too constrained to get to know what the investigators are really like or what they really think.

           Research on animals inhibits researchers even further lest they be accused of “anthropomorphism” even though humans have no other way to think about another species but by reference to their own experiences. The BabbleLog is a thoroughly unscientific series of ruminations about animals, life, and people…inspired in most cases by events around the Animal Behavior Farm, Indiana University, the domain of science, or some really important world event such as the time MJW sat next to Michael Jordan at the Waffle House in downtown Chapel Hill, NC.

               These entries caricature the kind of things we talk about at the Farm in between composing the prose that science demands. APK and MJW hope these notes shed a more personal light on ABF style. The responsibility for the telling falls only on APK/MJW. We respect our students too much to ask them to babble. The accuracy of the memories contained herein is about p < .10.


Fall Murmurations


A cartoon history of cowbird courtship, a la Larry Gonick


"Oh lord please make me the person my dog thinks I am."


January 2006, geese flying and crying overhead at 2 am, why?


 Homo deliverus

          Feeding Frolics