Alpha Chi Sigma is an organization devoted to chemistry. And by “devoted to”, I probably should say “aware of.” While all of us here at the Epsilon chapter have probably taken C (or S if we were feeling cocky)-117 and many of us have even slogged through 3 semesters of orgo, for every future Chemistry Ph.D. student we get, there’re half a dozen doctors, lawyers, and┬áprofessional┬ámagicians in our ranks.

That’s not to say that we leave Chemistry in the dust however. As an organization, we work to promote scholarship, service, and socialness(or ‘brotherhood’ if you don’t like forced alliteration). For at least 66 (point 6 repeating) percent of those objectives Chemistry plays strongly into what we do. Maybe we’re organizing a volunteer event at the Boys and Girls club helping kids make Oobleck. Or maybe we’re crammed together at a small table on the third floor of the Wells Library, ordering a round of Pizza-X before diving head first into Sn2 and backside attacks. And as for when we’re just hanging out, there might not be any Chemistry involved, but there’s always chemistry! (P.S. if you liked that pun, you should probably go to a doctor, because I think your humor gland might be broken.)