Why Rush AXΣ?
Who Can Rush?
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Why Rush AXΣ?

Alpha Chi Sigma is a co-ed professional fraternity, focused on Chemistry, but it’s also a lot more than that. It’s a place to make friends with people from a variety of majors, who share a common interest. It’s a way to get involved with the Bloomington community. It’s an opportunity to use a vast network of academic and professional contacts to prepare for your future.

In AXΣ, you can do anything from studying for a Chem final with your brothers, to daring the wrath of a coop full of chickens. Is rushing AXΣ the best decision you’ll ever make? Of course not; that would be ridiculous. But it comes pretty darn close.


Who Can Rush?

If you’ve taken (or are taking) at least one semester’s worth of chemistry, you’re welcome to rush as long as you’re not a first semester freshman! We can’t wait to meet ya!


Where Can I Learn More?

Admittedly, this site doesn’t have all the answers. We don’t even have an FAQ page! But fret not, we offer information meetings! There’ll even be free donuts (assuming you show up with a box of donuts to donate to the group…) And even if you don’t bring donuts for me, you’ll still get free information! And a slide show!! And the same jokes we’ve been trotting out since 1929!!!

If you want to know when the meetings for this semester are, read on!

  • Wednesday, 9-9-15, at 7:00pm in BH233
  • Thursday, 9-10-15, at 6:30pm in BH307
  • Friday, 9-11-15, at 5:30pm in BH217
  • Monday, 9-14-15, at 6:00pm in BH307
  • Tuesday, 9-15-15, at 8:00pm in BH215
  • Wednesday, 9-16-15, at 8:00pm in BH215
  • Thursday, 9-17-15, at 7:30pm in BH233
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    Tired of Rhetorical Questions?

    Me too!

    Instead, check out these awesome rush week events. They’re fun, you have to go to at least one to interview, and you can just go ahead and consider yourself cordially invited to each and every one of them!

    Edit: The dates above are accurate as of September 1, 2015!

    Penn State Game — Wed, 1/23, 7:00pm, C122

    Want to watch IU get their mojo back by beating up on the worst team in the conference? Well too bad, we couldn’t find the right channel. So instead we watched the Duke-Miami game… at least when IU loses to a worse-ranked team, we take it to overtime. Hoo-hoo-hoosiers!

    Sports! — Fri, 1/25, 3:00pm-4:00pm at Dunn Meadow/C033

    Kick of the weekend right, by literally kicking off going to C033 to play games! If the weather’s nice, we’ll all be playing soccer and football and Frisbee and stuff at Dunn Meadow.

    But indoor kids rejoice! If it stays cold, we’ll head in to C033 and burn off our competitive streak in other ways. Like by doing Sporcle quizzes on a projector screen. Or recreating our favorite real-life sports on a game console. Or both! Or neither! The possibilities are endless

    Juice & Donuts — Mon, 1/28, 7:30am-11am at the Chemistry Atrium

    That long strip of stone benches can look pretty depressing on a Monday morning as you wait for a lab AI to unlock the doors to your favorite undergraduate lab.But imagine how awesome it’d look covered in free food and beverages! It’d be like the greatest still-life ever, times ten because it’s not just a painting, but an actual feast!

    Game Night — Tue, 1/29, 7:00pm-8:00pm in CHA500

    If you like the quite, innocent family fun afforded by a night playing board games, this event is for you! If you’d prefer to play a chemistry-themed game of Mafia, this event is for you as well!

    Plus, it’s located up on the mysterious 4th floor of the chem building, so if you ever wanted to learn where that elevator goes, this is your chance.

    Bowling — Wed, 1/30, 7:00pm-8:00pm at the IMU

    Don’t be a turkey; pin this date to your calendar and strike this event off your to-do-list! If you like bowling better than lame puns about bowling, that actually doesn’t say much about you. But you should still probably come. You can show off your bowling expertise, or just meet a bunch of people.

    Coffee Social — Thu, 1/31, 8:00pm-9:00pm at the IMU Starbucks

    Need a kick-start to your Thursday evening? try caffeine and conversation! Emily Post’s Etiquette, 18th ed. calls it “the best place to see and be seen.” Well, not really, but there’re still a ton of people to meet and chat up!



    Interviews are casual (come dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, a full tuxedo, or last year’s Halloween costume, we don’t care) opportunity for us to find out more about you. You can sign up for them at the info Meetings (and probably should, because they’re required).

    Initial interviews are Friday, 2/1/13 and start at 5:00pm

    Second interviews are Saturday, 2/2/13 for those invited.



    Make sure you have Sunday, 2/3/13, free, because if you get a bid to rush, you need to be available