Hist B 356

Voluntary Extra-credit Assignment, worth an additional 5%

This assignment is due on Monday, 2 December in class. This assignment is completely voluntary; you don't have to do it if you don't want to. Please note, however, that no credit will be given for work submitted after 11:15 on Monday, 2 December.

Here, you will see a less-than-stellar student essay about "Economic Crisis during the French Revolution." Your job is to print it out and thengrade it as if you were the professor teaching the class. I know some professors write very few comments, but that would not be a good way to complete this assignment! Instead, I hope you will write copious comments, noting errors of fact and logic as well as grammatical and punctuation mistakes. You should write full marginal comments; you should also write a final commentary in which you make overall suggestions for how the student can improve his/her work. (Your final comment should be at least a substantial paragraph; you may want to write more.) Do not forget to give the paper a grade! I do not expect that you are going to find this an easy assignment, but I hope it will be interesting. To help you with the grading, you may want to see:

• Dr. Spang's guidelines for paper writing
• Indiana University's Writing Tutorial Service (if you look at the html-version of the "pamphlets" they will open in your web browser)
• William Strunk, Jr., The Elements of Style (1918)—a classic