History B 356

War for the Masses (slides)

Napoleon, For and Against

Background Reading
Censer and Hunt, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, pp. 139-150.

Discussion: War and Nationalism
Blaufarb, Napoleon, Symbol for an Age, pp. 118-120, 121-122, 124-126, 130-137.

Decree for Proclaiming the Liberty and Sovereignty of all Peoples (15 December 1792), on-line.

Bonaparte's speeches to the Army in Italy; here and here.

Bonaparte's Statement upon becoming Consul (19 brumaire Year VIII/Nov. 10, 1799), on-line.

Further Reading
David A. Bell, The First Total War (2007).

Geoffrey Best, War and Society in Revolutionary Europe (1998).

T. C. W. Blanning, The Revolutionary Wars (1996).

Alan Forrest, Napoleon's Men: The Soldiers of the Revolution and the Empire (2002).

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Stuart Woolf, Napoleon's Integration of Europe (1993).

Napoleonic literature.com
Jacques Louis David, "Portrait of General Napoleon Bonaparte" (1797)--link to site full of
Napoleonic Literature

Schinkel "Medieval City" (1815)
K. F. Schinkel, Medieval City on a River (1815); link to Johann Gottlieb Fichte, "Thirteenth Address," Addresses to the German Nation (1808)