History B 356

Bonaparte in Egypt (slides)

The New Regime

Background Reading
Censer and Hunt, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity pp. 151-170.

Discussion: Old Worlds and New
Blaufarb, ed., Napoleon, Symbol for an Age, pp. 43-51, 70-75, 101-108, 116-116.

Dominique Vivant Denon, Travels with Bonaparte in in Upper and Lower Egypt (1802), extracts on-line.

You might also want to look at "The Twilight of Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign" (2004), a student produced exhibition and website. (What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having your grade based largely on the making of a website?)

Further Reading
Michael Broers, "Cultural Imperialism in a European Context? Political Culture and Cultural Politics in Napoleonic Italy," Past and Present (2001), 152-180.

Juan R. I. Cole, Napoleon's Egypt: Invading the Middle East (2007).

Tom Crow, Emulation: Making Artists for Revolutionary France (1995).

Philip Dwyer, Napoleon, the Path to Power (2007).

Pieter Geyl, Napoleon, For and Against (1949).

Darcy Grimaldo Grigsby, Extremities: Painting Empire in Post-Revolutionary France (2002).

Andrew McClellan, Inventing the Louvre (1994).

Edward Said, Orientalism (1978), especially chapter one, sections 2-3.

Jean Tulard, Napoleon: The Myth of the Saviour (1984).

Ralph Waldo Emerson,
"Napoleon; or, the Man of the World" (1850)

History of the Louvre Museum
Hubert Robert, Imaginary View of the
Grande Gallerie of the Louvre in Ruins

Invading Egypt (Juan Cole)
Invading Egypt (Juan Cole), the blog