History B 356
The New Regime

Empire Style

Background Reading
Hunt and Censer, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, pp. 139-170.

Discussion: (11 and 13 April 2011)
Blaufarb, ed., Napoleon, Symbol for an Age, pp. 58-72, 101-108, 118-129, 148-165.

Paper writing: argument, evidence, and format.

Further Reading
Louis Bergeron, France Under Napoleon (1981).

Michael Broers, The Politics of Religion in Napoleonic Italy: the War against God, 1801-1814 (2001).

Martin Lyons, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy of the French Revolution (1994).

Arno Mayer, The Persistence of the Old Regime (1981).

Todd Porterfield,Staging Empire: Napoleon, Ingres, and David (2006).

Jean Tulard, Napoleon: The Myth of the Savior (1984).

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Jacques-Louis David,
"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" (1800)

legion d'honneur
brief history of the Légion d'Honneur
(from the French government)