History B 356

1792 (slides)


Background Reading
Censer and Hunt, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, pp. 62-85.

Discussion: Defining Enemies
Nicolas Celestin Guittard, Diary of a Middle-Class Parisian during the Revolution, selections translated by Rebecca L. Spang, on-line.

Gabriel Noel, Letters, selections translated by Rebecca L. Spang, on-line.

Declaration of War (April 1792).

Saint-Just, Speech at the King’s trial (December 1792).

Further Reading
In addition to the general histories listed last week, see:

Patrice Higonnet, Goodness Beyond Virtue: Jacobins in the French Revolution (1998).

David P. Jordan, The King's Trial: The French Revolution vs. Louis XVI (1979).

Martyn Lyons, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy of the French Revolution (1994).

R.R. Palmer, Twelve who Ruled (1941)—though an old book, this still provides the best account of the Committee of Public Safety during the Year II.

Warren Roberts, Jacques-Louis David, Revolutionary Artist: Art, Politics, and the French Revolution (1989).

Timothy Tackett, When the King Took Flight (2003).

Michael Walzer, ed., Regicide and Revolution: Speeches at the Trial of Louis XVI (1992)

revolutionary calendar

"Frimaire" (the "cold" month, November to December)
in the revolutionary calendar

Grace Dalrymple Elliott, During the Reign of Terror:
Journal of my Life during the French Revolution
(1859); sensationalist memoirs of a royalist Scottish courtesan.