History B 356
National Sovereignty (slides)

Rights and Citizenship

Background Reading
Censer and Hunt, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, pp. 49-84.

Discussion: Rights and Duties
Sieyes, What is the Third Estate? (1788-1789), selections online; and undated notes, online.

“Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” (1789), on-line and the “Declaration of Rights” (1793), on-line.

Thouret, “Report on Political Eligibility” (1789), on-line and Robespierre’s response, 1789, also on-line.

Further Reading
Jennifer Heuer, The Family and the Nation: Gender and Citizenship in Revolutionary France, 1789-1830 (2005).

Olwen Hufton, Women and the Limits of Citizenship in the French Revolution (1992).

Lynn Hunt, The French Revolution and Human Rights: A Brief Documentary History (1996).

Joan Landes, Women in the Public Sphere in the Time of the French Revolution (1988).

Ronald Schechter, Obstinate Hebrews: Representations of Jews in France, 1715-1815 (2003).

Dale Van Kley, ed., The French Idea of Freedom: the Old Regime and the Declaration of Rights (1994).

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Lynn Hunt, and Marilyn Young, eds., Human Rights and Revolutions (2000).

human and constitutional rights
Human and Constitutional Rights
Resources (Columbia University Law School)

universal declaration of rights
Universal declaration of human rights
(United Nations, 1948)