course title

New France and/or a New Europe (a few slides) (about the paper)

Identity and Culture in Contemporary France (slides)

Background Reading:
Popkin, Modern France, pp. 311-331.

Reading for Discussion:
Azouz Begag, Shantytown Kid
; you should have bought a copy of this.

Further Reading
Françoise Gaspard, A Small City in France (1995).

Eric Hargreaves, Immigration, 'Race,' and Ethnicity in Contemporary France (1995).

Caitlin Killian, 'The Other Side of the Veil,' Gender and Society 17:4 (2003), 567-590.

Herman Lebovics, Bringing the Empire Back Home: France in a Global Age (2004).

Mary Dewhurst Lewis, The Boundaries of the Republic: Migrant Rights and the Limits of Universalism in France, 1918-1940 (2007).

Gérard Noiriel, The French Melting Pot: Immigration, Citizenship, and National Identity (published in French in 1988).

Joan Scott, Parité!: Sexual Equality and the Crisis of French Universalism (2005).

Joan Scott, The Politics of the Veil (2010); or watch her talk about it.

Paul Silverstein, "Headscarves and the French Tricolor," Middle East Report (2004), on-line.

2005 "unrest"
French Civil Unrest, fall 2005 (excellent short articles from the Social Science Research Council)

EU constitution
EU constitution (rejected by French popular vote, 2005)