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War, Peace, and Empire

Background Reading:
Popkin, Modern France, pp. 65-82.

Reading for Discussion:
Emmanuel, comte de Las Cases, Memorial of Saint Helena: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon (1823), selections.

"The Civil Code" or Code Napoléon (1801; 1804); Book One, Title One; Book One, Title Five, chapters 5-6; Book One, Title Six, chapter 1 and Title Seven, chapter 1; available on-line

Further Reading:
David A. Bell, The First Total War: Napoleon's Europe and the Birth of Warfare as We Know It (2007).

Juan Cole, Napoleon's Egypt: Invading the Middle East (2007).

Alan Forrest, Napoleon's Men: The Soldiers of the Revolution and the Empire (2002).

Martyn Lyons, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy of the French Revolution (1994).

Edward Said, Orientalism (1978).

Jakob Walter, Diary of a Napoleonic Foot Soldier, ed. Marc Raeff (1991), excerpt on-line.

Isser Woloch, The New Regime (1994).

See also Napoleon, For and Against and Bonaparte in Egypt.

Disasters of War
Goya's "Disasters of War"-- images from the Spanish campaign (exhibition curated by students, Grinnell College)

compare to
boardgame history
Napoleon in Europe, the boardgame

Napoleon's tomb (Invalides)
Napoleonic literature--memoirs, poetry, and fiction dealing with the era