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baiu - constitution

The Brazilian Association at Indiana University proposes to promote fellowship among Brazilian students and any interested party living in Bloomington, to represent Brazil and its culture, and to help new students adjust to the local community.
ARTICLE I The name of this student association shall be The Brazilian Association at Indiana University, from now on referred to as B.A.I.U.
ARTICLE II  The membership shall be composed of Brazilian students and their families and anyone interested in the B.A.I.U., its purpose and activities. 
ARTICLE III  There shall be four officers: President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. (Please refer to by-laws, section 3, for duties and responsibilities of these officers.) Term of office shall be one year commencing in January. The officers shall be elected by the majority of votes of the members of the B.A.I.U. In case an office is vacated, the president office will be filled by the vice-president and any other vacancy shall be filled by a member who has been named by the Executive Committee.
ARTICLE IV The Executive Committee shall be composed of 5 members who shall be elected by the majority of votes of the B.A.I.U. The duration of their office shall be two years. Any vacancies shall be filled from nomination by the remaining members. (Please refer to by-laws, section 4, for duties and responsibilities of this committee.) 
ARTICLE V One regular meeting will be called by the president at the end of the calendar year in which the officers and the Executive Committee members shall be elected. Special meetings may be called at anytime by the president or by any five members of the
ARTICLE VI This Constitution may be amended by a two-third affirmative vote of those present and voting members of the B.A.I.U. This amendment shall be proposed by at least ten members and shall be submitted to the Executive Committee two months prior to the regular meeting.
ARTICLE VII This Constitution will be ratified by a two third majority vote of those present at a meeting called for on January 14, 1989. The meeting will be called by the signers of this Constitution who will also be presenting it to the B.A.I.U.










SECTION 1 Membership is defined by the payment of the annual due. If a member were to violate the stated purposes of the Constitution (refer to the preamble of the Constitution), he/she may be expelled by the Executive Committee with possible appeal to the regular annual meeting.
SECTION 2 Dues will be assessed each year by the Executive Committee. 
SECTION 3 Duties of officers shall be:

President: will assume the position of a chairperson. 
Vice-president: will assist the president in her/his duties. 
Secretary: will keep a directory of the B.A.I.U. and will be responsible for all publicity of the association. 
Treasurer: will be responsible for all financial transactions and the collection of dues. The treasurer shall give a report at the annual regular meeting. 

SECTION 4 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for approving budgets and establishing general policies. Three of the members of the first Executive Committee shall serve one year only, thus maintaining future continuity through a smooth transition of the committee.
SECTION 5 Any special Events Committee may be formed as needed by the members of the B.A.I.U., being that a member of this committee shall be an officer or a member of the Executive Committee.
SECTION 6 The "Robert's Rules of Order, Revised" shall be the rules of order.
SECTION 7 Two-thirds of the members will constitute a quorum for any meeting. If no quorum is reached at the regular time when the meeting was called, a new meeting may be called for 30 minutes after the time called for the first meeting. Any number of members at this second meeting will be considered a quorum. 
SECTION 8 Honorary members and officers may be elected by two-third majority vote of members at the regular meeting, at the request of five or more of its members. Honorary members and honorary officers will have all the rights of a member.
SECTION 9 These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members at any meeting.
SECTION 10 The Faculty Advisor is urged to participate in all meetings of the B.A.I.U.

This Constitution, written by the ad-hoc committee named in December 3rd., 1988, during a Brazilian pot-luck dinner, was ratified by the General Assembly called for January 15, 1989.



news - 12/2007

thank you all for making the feijoada a wonderful event!

deadline for membership renewal is December 14th





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