Kirstin C. Morton, Graduate Student in Analytical Chemistry



Curriculum Vitae

I completed my undergraduate degree at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, where I double majored in chemistry and biochemistry. I’m not a native southerner, however, and am from the small state of Connecticut. While at CofC, I was actively involved in the Alpha Kappa chapter of Phi Mu.

In Fall 2009, I joined the chemistry department at Indiana University as a graduate student. I am currently involved in the creation of new types of electrodes from pyrolyzed parylene C (PPC), an amorphous conductive carbon, which is made through the pyrolysis of parylene C, an excellent insulative coating. Previously, we used PPC as an electrode coating for nanopipettes and atomic force microscopy probes.  I also have completed research on the chemical doping of PPC for an amorphous electrode material for diodes through work completed at AIST in Japan. Recently, I have been working on the creation of scanning electrochemical microscopy-atomic force microscopy (SECM-AFM) probes from PPC and parylene C.  These types of carbon SECM-AFM probes being used to electrochemically map stimulated dopamine exocytosis from differentiated PC12 cells.

My broader research interests include carbon-based electronic devices and everything scanning probe. I’m also fascinated by (but have little to no experience in) new types of transistors, implantable electrodes, imaging mass spectrometry, artificial intelligence, parallel dimensions, and nuclear energy research.

Publication list:

  1. Morton, K.C.; Tokuhisa, H.; Baker, L.A. Doped Pyrolyzed Carbon Film Diodes. ACS App. Mater. Interfaces, 2013, accepted.
  2. Morton, K.C.; Derylo, M.A.; Baker, L.A. Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Probes from Pyrolyzed Parylene C. J. Electrochem. Soc., 20127, H662-H667.
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